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Like Old Times Except

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I hadn't seen my cousin in years. We use to spend lots of time together until we moved.


My cousin Jerry and I were very close when growing up. Then, my dad got another job and we had to move to another city. Jerry and I used to stay over at each other's house all the time before the move.

Several years went by and finally, Jerry came to visit. It was so good seeing him again. He was then 13 and I was 14. During this visit we put Jerry in his own room with his own bed. We used to always sleep together before we moved. So, on the first morning of his visit, I got up first and went looking for Jerry. I went into his room and found him still in bed. I went over and sat on his bed and then laid down next to him. Kind of just like old times. Jerry was awake and he turned over facing me. We laid there and talked for awhile.

I then reached for the sheet Jerry had over him and pulled on it wanting to cover up too. When I did this, I saw it. Jerry had been laying in bed apparently getting ready to play with himself when I came in. He had his pyjamas down to his knees and his penis was sticking out nice and hard. I dropped the sheet and looked at him and then raised the sheet again and looked under it. Jerry was all embarrassed and got red in the face. I just said 'Look at you'! Jerry put his hands down trying to cover it. I said 'Too late now. I've already seen it'.

I looked under the sheet again and then to Jerry's face and ask 'Can I see it again'? Jerry looked down under the sheet and slowly moved his hands out of the way. I'd never seen a boy's penis like this before and was amazed at how big it looked and how hard it looked like it was. So, I said 'OK if I touch it'? Jerry said 'If you want to'.

I slowly lowered my hand under the sheet and touched it. When I did, Jerry jumped. I looked at him and he said 'It felt good'. So, I touched it again. Then Jerry ask 'Can I see yours'? I said 'OK' and raised up my nighty and pulled down my panties. Jerry sat up looking between my legs. He then reached over running his fingers over the slit. I told Jerry 'That feels good to me too'. Jerry laid back down next to me and ask 'You want to see me come'? I ask 'What do you mean'? He said 'You know. Squirt my sperm. I sure need to'. I said 'How do you do that'? He said 'I'll show you if you want to see it'.

Jerry then put his hand around his penis and started stroking it. I said 'Can I do it'? Jerry said 'If you want to'. He took his hand away and I put my hand around it and started stroking like he had been doing. Jerry got closer to me and said 'Watch'. We both laid there looking down at his penis. He then went to pushing forward and said 'Uhhh' a couple of times and then leaned his head back with his eyes closed and it happened. This stuff started squirting out of his penis and landing on my thighs. I jumped back when I saw this. Jerry was breathing real fast and it finally ended with the stuff just running out of his penis onto the sheet. I could smell it under the sheet real strong.

Jerry then pulled away and pulled his pyjamas back up and said 'I'm sorry'. I told him 'For what'? He just smiled back at me.

During the rest of the visit, I showed him how to do me and he loved doing this. I also got to jerk him off many times and learned all about doing this to boys. We sure had the urge to do other things with our new found 'toys' but were certainly old enough to know what that could bring so we didn't. We stayed pleasuring each other with our hands and Jerry loved squirting his stuff on me.



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