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Like Corn on the Cob

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I LOVE masturbating and to me it is one of the best things in the world. You can do it almost anywhere and it doesn't cost you any money, (unless you're into toys and extras). You don't have to be hot or really good at it to enjoy it. You can do it by yourself and be as vanilla as you want, like laying in bed with the lights off using your fingers or as kinky as you want, like using vanilla pudding to smear on your nipples and pussy, stuff anal beads in your ass all the while chatting with a hot little coed online (who's actually a 50 year old guy from Vermont who secretly jacks off with maple syrup, but you know all along he's a dude) and not have to worry about what anyone else thinks.

I started masturbating when I was about 13. I was starting to develop into a woman so naturally I was curious about my body and would explore myself in front of a mirror, usually in the bathroom or and little hand held beauty mirror. There was a full length mirror in my bathroom so I would sit down in front of it with my legs spread and run my fingers up and down my smooth little pussy lips which were starting to get a little fuzzy. Then I would spread my pussy lips apart and admire the little folds of my inner lips and run my finger up and down each of them. Using the hand held mirror worked best here to see everything. I would eventually find my budding little clit and rub my fingers around it in little circles. By this time my pussy would be nice and wet so I would continue to stroke my pussy lips and clit until I'd have a great little orgasm.

As I got older and more comfortable with my body I would of course start to experiment. I started inserting things in my pussy, starting with my finger and then some other household things that resembled dildos. My favorite was the hand held mirror which had a nice round handle that slid into my pussy nice and easy and also made for an interesting view in the mirror reflection. I could change the angle at which I used it so I could see my pussy when it was all the way in or tilt it back and I watch my facial expressions when I came.

Soon enough I had some boyfriends and fooled around with them and eventually had sex. I had one boyfriend that LOVED to go down on me and lick my pussy and he was really good at it. He could always make me cum. We broke up years ago but soon after that I started to get curious about what my pussy tasted like and why he liked it so much. One night I was really horny and in a kinky mood while I was stroking my clit and fingering my pussy. The thought crossed my mind that I should taste my pussy and see what the big deal was. Just the thought of it made my pussy soaking wet. I could her a squelching sound coming from my pussy as I pumped my middle finger in and out of my wet little hole. I stopped for a second and brought my finger up to my face. I could see my pussy juice glistening on my middle finger and the rest of my hand. As I brought it up to my lips I could smell my musty pussy juice. I wrapped my lips around my finger and swirled my tongue around it a couple of times and slid it back out through my closed lips like a lollipop. The taste was slightly sweet but mostly tangy. The thought of what I was doing, licking my own pussy juice was more exciting than the taste. Not that the taste wasn't good, just different. I wouldn't spread it on my morning toast or anything but it tasted good in it's own unique way. This made me incredibly horny. I continued fingering my pussy, switching hands to lick my fingers on one hand while I fingered with the other. Soon enough I had a huge orgasm that sent shivers down my whole body and I lay there on the bed, pussy wet and dripping with wetness and cum. I continued to stroke my pussy lips in my orgasm afterglow, stopping to lick my fingers some more which were now covered in a sticky, stringy cum which tasted a little more tangy than before. From then on I usually took a little time to taste myself while I masturbated. Adds such a kinky element to the whole thing.

Last year I graduated from college and finally landed my first professional career job. To celebrate and treat myself for working so hard in college I decided to buy myself a nice toy. After shopping around a while on the net I found a site that sold glass dildos. They were definately more expensive than the rubber or plastic ones but from all the reviews they sounded worth it. So I browsed through and found one that I thought looked like fun. It was straight, around eight inches long with a nice round, tapered head and the shaft had raised swirls running down to the handle at the end. It looked like a long, glass juicer but I thought it was perfect. The day it came I stripped naked and went at in on my bedroom floor in front of the mirror. It felt so amazingly smooth and just glided in and out of my stretched pussy. The swirled shaft vibrated my lips when I fucked myself really fast. I pulled it out every so often and stuck the tip in my mouth to lick my juices off it and then rub the length of the swirled shaft up and down on my throbbing clit. I turned over and got up on my knees in a doggy style position with my ass in the air and continued to pound my pussy with my new toy, sliding it in and out, twisting it in and out while watching myself in the mirror from in between my legs. My pussy juice was starting to run down the inside of my thighs. I exploded in an amazing orgasm and collapsed face down on the floor. I'm lucky I didn't have a rug burn on my forehead!

Evenually I rolled over onto my back and began to admire my new favorite thing in the world. It was all shiny and glistening with my wetness. At the base near the handle there was a ring of build up of pussy juice and cum. I took my dildo with a hand on both ends and put my tongue on that area and twisted it like a corn on the cob licking all the build up off onto the tip of my tongue. I ended up with a thick build up of cum that I smeared around my lips with my tongue. The taste was intoxicating. I licked my lips clean and did the same with the rest of the dildo. I usually treat myself once and a while to a hot, kinky masturbation session like this.



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