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Like a Virgin

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Like a virgin
I first came across your site about six months ago. I was so impressed for two reasons the first being that it proves that there are other people around that do what I do and the second being oh my god does it ever get me off, sometimes I just sit at my computer come onto your site and just masturbate right here. Ive been doing this since I was about 6 years old, it was innocent then of course. I masturbate now quite alot you could say I am addicted, I do it usually when I wake up in the morning, usually once or twice maybe 4 times evern during the day and then early evening then at night before I sleep, sometimes I wake up during the night to masturbate too. My reccord is about 17 times in one day, and I get an orgasm nearly every time.
Im a virgin but I have masturbated in front of my boyfriend and on the phone with him, phone sex, cyber sex, he masturbates me himself, he can keep me hanging on for a long time once it was two hours before he let me come. I do him sometimes too, he has a nice large dick that I love to suck and rub, and he enjoys it too, he drinks out of me often and I like it alot.
When he isnt around I have to make do with myself and my own fingers. And the contents of my fridge. I like to use cucumbers I take two out of the fridge and take them up to my room and I strip off making sure I can see myself in the mirror, I switch on the video camera so it can see me. I reach into my drawer and pull out two clothes pegs. I start by rubbing my nipples with both my hand until they get hard, once they get hard I put on the clothes pegs, as painful as it is it's so pleasurable. I then take my fingers to my clit and start to rub slowly in a clockwise motion until my clit starts to throb and my body asks for more, when I get all wet and the urge gets incontrolable I take one of the cucumbers and push it hard into me as I moan as I take it in and out, just as I get to the point where I think I am going to cum I withdraw the cucumber for a few minutes and just lie there, then I slowly insert it into me hard again . I pick up another and I suck it so it is wet then I insert it into my ass, I sit on it and push it in as far as it will go, I bounse so that I see my breasts bounce, I remove the pegs and just watch them bounce as the cucumber up my ass starts goes a little further each time, still puthing the cucumber in and out of my vagina I make it get faster and faster, still moaning louder and louder, just as I am about to come I remove it again and start again, I keep it hard and slow then it gets faster anf faster I moan to myself and I should "oh yes baby baby com e on yes yes yes yes ohhhhhhh fuck me baby oh yes just there ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yess, yess" and things like that. I feel myself about to come and with my other hand i start to rub my clit harder and harder I moan and moan louder and louder until I have to orgasm it comes hard and shoots the cucumber across my sheets, when im finished I lick my jiuce and I switch off my video camera. I then pick up the phone and call my boyfriend, I tell him what ive just done and I tell him how hot I am... ten minutes later he'
Im getting really really wet sitting here doing this im off to the fridge. Ill come so soon I'm so wet.
happy masturbating --Joey



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