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Lifetime of Rubbing

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I have always masturbated quite a lot for as long as I can remember.

I started to masturbate at the age of about six. My first method was to lie on my stomach with my hands underneath flat against my penis and basicaly hump and rub against my hands. I always used to stretch the muscles in my legs as this made the orgasm (dry at that time) much more intense.

I would do this in bed or on the floor, however, I also did it in other places which sometimes got me into trouble. I did it quite alot at school. One time in assembly I was sitting on the floor and just started rubbing myself through my trousers with the flat of my hand in a world of my own. This however was spotted by a teacher, so I ended up being sent out! I also did this in a class with the girl in the next desk looking on curiously, again, trouble.

One day, during break time, I was with my best friend and I asked him if he had the same feelings as I did from rubbing but he wasn't sure. Although I have no gay tendencies, I started rubbing his penis through his trousers for a few seconds and asked him if he liked the feeling, he said yes. A little while later, when standing by him in the toilet while he was waiting for his pee to start, I touched the end of his penis and this started him off masturbating.

I have always been really into the scent of a girl's genitals and have done much knicker-sniffing in my life, I think this started also at an early age. The girl next door was quite keen on showing me (and her brother) what was in her knickers and would let me sniff her between her legs. After this, I always tried to sniff girls clothes whenever I could.

Two episodes I remember in particular, the first was when my sixteen- year-old cousin visited us (I was about fifteen) and borrowed my bedroom. She left her jeans on the chair and when I was alone I couldn't resist sniffing the crotch. It smelt of pee and faintly of musky pussy. I knelt on my bedroom floor with my face in the jeans crotch sniffing and wanking to a very spunky climax all over the back of my hand.

I also love my own scent and always sniff my fingers after peeing or masturbating.

The second time involved the trousers of a girlfriend. When I went to her bathroom she had left them folded on the landing so I carefully pulled one of the legs away to get to the crotch, which smelt of pussy and her perfume.

I still masturbate alot and look at this site most days and also at a female desperation site although not for the peeing aspect. I just love to see a girl scratching an itch between her legs through her clothes. I am always watching out for a girl with an itch but have only been lucky enough a couple of times in my life to see this, but I keep looking!

If any females would like to comment on this, I would love to know if females also sniff their fingers when masturbating or after peeing.



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