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Lifeguard Shower

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Hey my name's Ajay and this story, took place at a pool where I was a lifeguard, part time. I considered myself attractive I'm not conceted I just noticed I look better than a lot of average people walking around, I'm white with an olive colored tan and I'm thin with well defined muscles on my arms and legs. My chest and stomach stick out, and are nicely toned which I think makes me more desirable to the people who I notice looking at my body while I walk around shirtless at my job.

When I first started there I didn't know anyone but I quickly became friends with this guy named Jaylin who I thought was hot which sort of freaked me out since I'm straight, it was just so obvious. He was very thin, he didn't really have a six pack it was just a line going down his stomach with the outside lines and he had cool spiky hair which he managed to keep up in the water and medium dark skinned which seemed perfect on him.

He was the only male lifeguard who took a shower after the pool had closed down. I had always wanted to join him I just never had the courage too but this time I had no option since I was going to go eat with some friends later on and I didn't want to go smelling like bleach on account of a girl I had a crush on was going too and I had forgotten the spare keys that my parents had given me which I did often but it really didn't matter since my parents would just let me in but this time my dad was still working and my mom was away visiting her pregnant sister who was suppose to deliver soon so I had to clean off in the pool's showers which made me excited thinking of getting to shower with Jaylin.

He had already started which made me nervous hearing the water running but I started to undress by taking off my shirt then I decided to ask him if he minded if I joined him from the bathroom next to the showers. He responded with a confused tone why I was even asking and said yah go ahead I don't care so I took off my trunks and walked in nervous and excited knowing that he was going to see me naked for the first time and I was going to see him naked also. He smiled at me and said 'hey'....I never see you here, I told him my reason and he just said oh that's cool I just said yah then for a second I started to look at his perfect body and noticed he had a nice sized cock which had started to get me hard looking at him and I would notice he would occasionally look at my hardening penis which made me fully hard.

Then out of nowhere he commented on my shaven pubic area and asked me if that was because I was a lifeguard or just because, it threw me completely off guard and he had said it to me staring right at my cock with a full hard on which just made me overly horny. I just said yah its because I'm a lifeguard otherwise I don't care. He then followed up my response by telling me it made my cock look bigger and then joked around by saying 'oh and that hard on helps also' which made me let out a nervous chuckle and I told him that his hard on was helping his also look bigger.

He then said what can I say I like what I see, you mind if I compare sizes with you. I told him sure not really knowing how he was going too then he shocked me by grabbing my cock and his, then putting them together, wow they're almost the same size mines bigger though. He laughed then he shocked me even more by jerking them together but it felt so good I didn't say anything and it just kept feeling better and better, then after a couple of minutes of this he came all over my penis which felt so nice and warm and it almost made me came but he had just stopped and was gasping pretty loud it turned me off even more.

He said he was now going to jerk me off the way he jerks himself off thinking of me at night with his cum on my penis. He got behind me with his penis still hard sticking up against my back, jerking me off with his cum on my penis which made the sensation feel so unbelievably good then he started to lay his head on my shoulders sucking on my neck so slowly in different spots then he started to jerk me off faster and faster till I could no longer take how good it felt so I came violently all over his hands and the floor. That was the best jerk off session I had ever had and now each day after the pool closes down I take a shower with Jaylin and it starts all over again.



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