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Lifeguard Peek on Yoga Girl

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I was 19 when I got my first lifeguard job.


This experience happened as I was a lifeguard at a summer private pool. I usually worked the opening shift in the morning. My job was to open the pool, check the filters etc about an hour before swimmers started showing up in the morning. In addition, my job was to clean the bath houses so they are ready for the swimmers.

This pool had been around since the 60s. The bath houses had never been updated and you could see that in just about every stall, there were peek holes drilled into the girls dressing areas. Some of the holes were patched up over time but many remain.

On most mornings, the first swimmer of the day was a girl about 25 years old. Her name was Patricia. On some days, I would still be cleaning the pool or checking the water filters before she would come out of the dressing room. She would usually do laps in the pool for an hour before the pool started getting busy with lots of kids etc.

One morning, once again, she was there getting changed while I was doing my work. I decided to risk it and take a quick peek from one of the holes in the dressing room walls. Wow, being a 19 yr old this was great. At first, I just took a quick peek. Over the weeks of the summer, I started feeling more comfortable and would take longer and longer to watch her.

She had a regular routine. She would come into the dressing room and immediately strip down to nothing. She would then admire her body in the full mirror on the wall and begin to do what looked like to be yoga stretches or something in the nude. She was very slender with small boobs but with a very big bush. I guess this was before girls started trimming things up as much as they do today. She would be bending over, stretching and showing herself for all (me) to see. When she would bend over, I could see everything and it was like I was just a few feet from her. Oh I wished I could touch that but there was just no way I wanted to risk my first job and the embarrassment should this go bad.

Wow, this was awesome. Every day, I would request to work in the morning so I could watch her morning nude dance. Some days she would just admire herself in the mirror and then one day I noticed her starting to touch herself as she watched in the mirror. Yikes. I could not take it anymore. I could not believe it. She was touching herself and making herself cum as she watched in the mirror. She started pretty quickly as I think she was afraid of getting caught masturbating in the locker room. Finally, her breathing would deepen and she would take in a big breath and hold it as she finished herself off. She would hold in her sounds so no one could hear. Then, she would let out one huge breath and put both hands on the mirror to support herself as she looked like she was going to collapse. This was my cue to get back to work. After she would come out of the bath house, I would head directly for the men's bathroom as my excitement was hard to hold back. I would stroke myself to completion and dream about what I just experienced. Thinking back on this, I guess I was a terrible lifeguard as I left her to swim in the pool while I was sitting in the bathroom wacking off.

Life guarding is great summer job. If you have to work, why not enjoy the experience.



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