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Life in the (Adult) Theatre

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A dark room with a couple of seats equals sleaze to many but a sanctuary to others.

On a large screen (or maybe a small one) is porn being displayed- usually some dyed blonde with big tits being spit-roasted by two equally bigger cocks; one gagging her mouth, the other attacking her pussy or anus.

Watching this recording is a handful of men all with different agendas. Some are looking to engage in gay sex. Some are exhibitionists enjoying their masturbation with the masses. Some just needed a place to wank because their spouse or mother doesn't approve. Others are simply porn enthusiasts.

Either way they're all fapping in various ways. There are those who love to get completely naked (usually the exhibitionists), those who are secret strokers (under a coat or hands in pants) and those who drop their pants/shorts to the ground and just stroke away without a care in the world.

I'm definitely in the latter of that category and regard myself in the porn enthusiast/exhibitionist mould. The moment my penis came to life (emphasis on the 'came' part) I have been open, with those I trust, about my wanking habits and love for various types of porn.

This led to a few occasions in high school of bottomless teenage boys sitting around a computer, trying not to squirt cum all over Dave's keyboard while breathing heavily to online pics of celebrities (Seriously, Dave was not impressed when a huge glob of Asher's cum landed on the keypad section of the keyboard).

When I was 17 I went into my first adult theatre. Like any horny guy I had read about these places online and decided one day while visiting my father in Auckland, New Zealand to try my luck. It was in a sleazy part of downtown named Fort St and the owner only let me in because I was a cute boy that he hoped would attract more customers, a dodgy deal if ever there was, but once inside the theatre it was my haven.

On screen was some European porn made by the Private film company. A dyed blonde girl was in a cage being spit-roasted by two large cocks (a common theme) and there were only a handful of seats left.

As with most theaters the average patron is an older gentleman usually caressing their flaccid willy as they seek to get back some sexual excitement that their wife (or dear departed wife) can't give them anymore. I don't engage in any physical activity with them like handjobs or blowjobs (sucking dick is not my thing anyway, regardless whether flaccid or erect)but it doesn't bother me if they watch me whack away and we comment on the hotness of a scene. I should point out that these patrons in NZ are a lot more well-mannered than say, Argentines, where I was harangued by older men looking for cheap thrills.

I found a seat and realising the rules in NZ are more relaxed then elsewhere (a trip to the US had me worried I was going to be arrested if I took my dick out or remotely enjoyed the porn)I unbuckled by cargo pants, pulled out my uncircumcised penis (about 7 inches long)and began jacking off.

The pre-cum helped make the slick sounds that wankers know and love. The noise attracted those already not paying attention to the 'boy' in aisle 4. Some suggested sexual fun but I declined and they returned to their seats.

The next two hours saw myself, a 40 year-old probably married man, a couple of university student types and a bloke who seemed stunned you could wank in a public place all jacking about a seat away from one another.

As the scene moved to a DP situation, followed by the standard money shot and then a new scene where a girl was on her knees sucking off three dicks, one or two of the guys popped off and quickly popped out of the theatre. In the end all that was left when a boy/girl scene started was myself plus some 60 year old with a flaccid cock.

I decided at that moment I should blow my load (blue balls and all) and did so a minute or two later when I blasted a stream of cum onto one of the seats of aisle 2. The 60 year old was so enamoured by what he had witnessed he began to orgasm himself (or have a heart attack).

Now I'm not just someone who enjoys porn; I do enjoy handling a cock along with my own when the person and moment is right. This happened again in a new theatre in Auckland (Fort St closed down and cleaned up a few years back).

Boardshorts around my ankles and fapping away to another dyed blonde being spit-roasted by big cocks, a spectacle-wearing guy in his early 20s sat beside me with his laptop bag. After a few nervous minutes where he looked around to make sure he didn't know the other two people in the theatre, he undid his pants and pulled out his circumcised penis with his ballsack resting on the fabric of his trousers. He began fapping furiously with his head back, sometimes peeking at the dyed blonde with two cocks stuffed into her mouth, sometimes at my dick.

I thought 'what the hell, he seems like a fun guy' and taking my hand off my cock I smiled at him and slowly reached over. He instantly let my hand wrap around his shaft and groaned (head back again) as I began to stroke. Once composed he reached over and began the art of pulling my cock.

We commented on the film, the pornstar (we assumed Gina Lynn but that may be wrong), how often we came here (his first time, my 12th) as our cocks were instructed by the foreign hand.

I pulled gently on his ballsack a few times, by now his pants had joined my boardshorts around our ankles, and about 10 minutes of gentle to fast jacking he left off a soft groan and a single stream of cum took off into the air followed by a small droplet with the remainder coating my hand.

As he began to calm down he noticed the other two gentlemen plus three more were all seated close by and watching the mutual masturbation while pleasuring themselves.

He quickly cleaned his cock of any left over cum, yanked his pants up (mooning the other patrons in the process) and fled the scene.

I had cleaned up as well but not knowing any of the other gentlemen in the theatre I shrugged and went back to the porno as the scene, this time with an Asian (Lilly Thai in another amazing gangbang). Once Lilly was being DP'd (about 3-5 minutes later) I shot off two wads of cum, used the tissue dispensing machine right next to me, pulled my boardshorts up (also mooning the other patrons in the process) and left as two of the other theatre lovers screamed (maybe an orgasm, maybe a cry for help) and popped off.



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