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Library Exhibit

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My very pleasant memory of a public episode. [This is a repost of 'My Favorite Place is the Library' by the same author, but slightly different.]


I've always fantasized about getting caught masturbating in a public place. Not to get caught and get punished or rejected, but to get caught and appreciated, to turn her on and maybe have her participate. That has never happened, but here's an experience that did occur.
I was a horny 16 year old who loved to jerk off. I scoped out girls constantly and fantasized about any who caught my fancy. I was (still am) especially turned on by older women, 30-45 yrs. old. Something about an experienced, together kinda lady just sends me.
Anyway, I was studying for a history paper in the public library. I was all alone on the third floor when I heard the elevator coming up. I figured it was the librarian coming up to shelve books. I thought nothing of it; I'd seen all of the librarians, they were old and wrinkled. No fantasies there. But when the elevator door opened a most gorgeous woman stepped out Mid thirties, white, tall, long brown hair, glasses (another turn on for me), sleeveless white turtleneck, a skirt hanging about two inches above her knee, way excellent legs encased in nude hose, and high heels that accentuated her firm, tight ass. She had a classic hourglass figure. I sat up straight and stared - she was my fantasy come to life. She noticed me and gave me a friendly smile. I smiled back, said 'hello', and tried to look away. She pulled a rolling cart from the elevator, pushed it into the stacks of books and began shelving the books. She must be a newly hired librarian, that's all I could imagine. Well, I had to see more of her, my heart was pumping, my hands were shaking, and my dick was HARD. So I stood up and walked casually to the back of the room, carrying my light jacket with me.
She was in the next to last row, diligently shelving books. I sauntered into the stacks one row behind her and to her right. She must have seen me walk past, but she paid me no mind. People wander about the library all the time. I stopped walking when I got to a position where I could see her but she couldn't see me unless she turned around, and then I opened my fly and pulled out my hard cock. I had draped my jacket over my left arm and held it up to cover my crotch, but behind the jacket I was working my fist up and down my dick while I looked at her. My GOD, she was so hot! I waited until she had her back to me and moved the jacket away, exposing my raging erection to the full light of day. I was so hot for this woman that I wanted to show her my dick and let her have it right there, but I was afraid of how she would react. I pumped and pumped until she started to turn back, then covered myself up and pretended to browse.
I kept this up for about half an hour, following her around as she moved from row to row. I had to really hold myself back from cumming (and from moaning out loud) because I wanted this to last forever. The best moment of all was when she bent over to put books on the bottom shelf. She didn't crouch or kneel, she bent forward from the waist, sticking her almighty ass up in the air as though she was aiming it at me! I went ape and stepped up pretty close to her, staring at her perfect cheeks and hips, her ultra-sexy legs, and I wanked for all I was worth. It was tough holding back from spewing my load, but I managed to stay under control.
When the last book was shelved she rolled her cart to the elevator and pushed the call button. I knew the game was over so I stepped out into the aisle directly behind her, about four feet away, and pulled myself to orgasm. I must have shot three feet into the air as I stood there behind this goddess and blew my wad. As the elevator door opened I covered up, turned away, and walked back to the study carels. I cleaned up with my handkerchief and reran the whole episode in my head.
I became a regular at that library, and I had many more experiences with that lovely librarian.



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