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Lez is Best

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Lez is Best
Hi... My name is Britiny. I am a 19 year old lesbian. I would guess the reason that I am a lesbian is because of the first time I ever had an orgasm. Yes, I have been with a few guys before. But the best times I have ever had were with other women. I guess I should explain...
I first discovered that I could get this very good feeling down between my legs if I touched it in just the right way. I was only 10 years old when that happened and i did not yet know about orgasms or in that case what masturbation was. When i was 13, i went out on a date with a really hansome guy who was 15 at the time. After going to the movies, we went back to his place and he led me directly to his bed room. It did not take us too long to start making out.
We were making out for like five mins. when i felt his hand sliding down my belly and to my pants. I was kinda' expecting him to do what he was about to do. He then sliped his hand into my panties and began fingering me. He kept saying how wet i was and how much it turned him on. Boy did that feel good. He did this for almost 30 mins. Soon i began to get a little sore and told him to stop. He did not want to but he did. He then asked me if i ever had an orgasm before. I never did, and to be honest, i didn't know quite what it was... But i risked saying yes. After that we just made out until it was time for me to leave.
When i got home, i went to my 18 year old sister and told her about what happened. She was kinda proud of me. The next day i went over to my best friends house for the next few days. Her parents were out and she wanted company. We went out and walked around town all day. Then that night, we were restless. We just sat there playing truth or dare. Later, i asked her if she ever had an orgasm. She admitted she had plenty. I finally got enough guts to ask her what it was. She just smiled and asked me if i trusted her. I said yes. She then put her hand on my breast and asked are you sure? I was amazed by what she just did... and for some reason, a little turned on. I told her i was sure and then she proceeded to lean over and kiss me nice and softly on my lips. I liked it and so i kissed her back. After a little bit of kissing, she started to sneak her one hand up my shirt and the other one down my pants. I could tell i was wet... I could feel the wetness running out of my pussy. When she began to finger me, i almost jumped. It felt so much better than when my boyfriend did it. It must have been that she was so much more gentle than my boyfriend. It was like she knew exactly what i was feeling and how to make it feel better. All of a sudden, i began to feel hot and my legs began to tighten. It was such an intense feeling that it could no longer prop myself up on my arm anymore. Then out of nowhere, I felt like something deep inside of me had just burst. I had waves of wondeful spasms running from head to toe. It was amazing. I went on to do the same for her... many times that night and througout the rest of our time spent together.
A year later we began to try other "oral" acts which we both enjoyed. Last year though she went off to collage. I am still in my last year of high school (i started later than others). I have still never had a guy give me an orgasm better than a girl has.
Well. I have yet to find another partner. I will wait until i see my friend again. I have finally figured out how to masturbate to keep myself at bay till then. I usually use my fingers or my pillow... if i am in the bath, that i use to faucet or shower head. I do use a vibe. now and then.
Well.... I think i will read a few more stories and then go play with myself until i fall to sleep. By the way... I like to masturbate while i watch pornos or look at pictures of other girls. That kind of stuff gets me sooooooooooooooooooo wet. In fact, i'm really wet right now as it is. Anyway, I this gets posted and any lesbian/bi women ages 25-19, have any pictures of themselves doing dirty things to themselves, please send them to me. I found out that most women have hidden fantasys and talents of there own, some of those really turn me on. My e-mail is Pictures and erotic stories/fantasys from lesbian/bis would be greatly apreciated (can't spell). Thank you.
Luv............ Britiny




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