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Letting Her Control Me

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What I'm about to admit is something I never planned or expected myself to submit to. I live in rural Pennsylvania and worked in the lumber business until 2009 when I got injured on my job. Was married once but have lived alone since 2006. I probably could have gone back to work over a year ago but am still today gettting compensation from my company. The doctors keep telling me I am not fit but I feel fine and haven't had back or leg pain for almost two years. Yet, I still continue to collect compensation and let Dawn continue to think I am still in need of help.


I was hurting at the time and hired Dawn to clean my house and at first to prepare meals for me. She is not at all attractive and built like a line backer. Dawn is 24 now and I know most of her family and friends from town. She isn't very tall but is quite heavy with a very extoverted personality. She is down right bossy and I believe she is responsible for what has turned into sexually satisfying me.

I was confined to bed when I first came home from the hospital. Even though I was in pain at the time I was able to get around on my crutches and was able to shower and use the bathroom. It was summertime 2009 and I was always in pj bottoms or boxer shorts and not thinking much about Dawn seeing me that way. It was a struggle for me to get a shower and without me ever asking for help Dawn began insisting on helping me. Because of her appearance and dominant type demeanor I began allowing her to take me in for my shower. It was she, who with no hesitation, removed my pj's or boxer shorts. She had me balance and hold myself up as she washed my entire body and shampoo my hair. The first time she did this without even thinking about it I got an erection as soon as she touched my penis and scrotum. The thing is if you saw Dawn there is not one single attractive thing about her. She isn't pretty and her body, legs and arms are thick. She is about 5'2' and must weigh close to 200 lbs or more. Aside from that she's arrogant and a very dominant type female. I wasn't really embarrassed the first time she saw me nude but it did embarrass me when I got an erection. Before I could say anything she told me I wouldn't be alive if I didn't get hard. It didn't take long for me to notice that Dawn was taking advantage of my nudity around her. I am built well with what I consider an average size penis. After a very short time I knew she was intentionally making me get an erection by the time she spent washing my genitals and how she would make me open my legs to wash my anus. She had been helping me into the shower and washing me three or four times a week always using a wash cloth. One day I felt her bare hand on my penis and that was the first time I ejaculated. To my surprise she only laughed and since then began masturbating me everytime she washed me.

It all started then and the more I submitted to her the more often she had me nude and began asking me if I wanted her to jerk me off. I have never seen her nude or ever touched her body. I have a feeling she thinks she is taking advantage of me when it is just the opposite. A number of times she has told me not to say anything to her boyfriend about it. I know Carl well and worked with him many times over the years. He is a big goofy guy and I don't know how serious their relationship is. Dawn washes me and jerks me off at least three times a week and by now I am convinced she does this for her satisfaction as well as mine. It's been more than a year now that she often jerks me off while I am laying in bed and bluntly asks me if I want her to masturbate me. Sometimes she tells me to jerk off myself but she always touches and plays with my scrotum as I do. I do believe she likes looking at me naked and I let her do things to me I never thought about or planned on. She began shaving my pubic hair a long time ago and still does it once a week. Afterwards she always jerks me off sometimes using skin lotion but often just using shaving cream. She also often touches my anus with her fingers and the area between my testicals and anus. She hold my penis with one hand and gets me to bend up my legs. With her other hand she plays with my scrotum back to my anus and has often penetrated me with her finger slightly. She enjoys teasing me knowing I am about to cum. I think in her mind she enjoys a domination aspect of doing all this to me. Even though she knows I am a willing participant I think likes the thought of controlling me like she does. She has told me that I arouse her when she sees me naked but she never masturbates or undresses in front of me. She tells me she has sex with Carl a few times a week but I can't imagine that.

A few months ago Carl came over to my house and asked me if Dawn and I were having an affair. True, I don't have a girlfriend right now but the fact is I have no desire to have sex with Dawn. I think Carl is suspicious of how often Dawn is at my house. I assured him the only reason Dawn is here is to clean and make me dinner sometimes. I suspect Dawn is also dominant with Carl just by the way he talks about her. I'm sure she controls Carl and I think he is probably in love with her. They live together now but are not married. Dawn is at my house four times a week for a few hours and either has me shower or rubs me down in bed. She jerks me off everytime but still likes watching me masturbate myself sometimes. I'm no longer in any pain and have told her so but she still insists on helping me shower and is adament about washing me and even drying my body off. I joke with her sometimes telling her she sees me naked all the time but I never saw her naked. That fact is I have no desire to see her nude and I doubt if she would want me to. I truly believe she likes me but also that she enjoys having me naked. I don't know whats going on in her head but she just likes looking at and touching my body. As nutty as she is I submit to whatever she wants to do to me knowing she will jerk me off and satisfy me in many ways. I don't know why or what she is thinking but she even likes watching me pee. That is strange and she tells me to let her know when I have to so she can watch.

I am totally compliant with her anymore and do whatever she asks of me. It seems it gives her some kind of satisfaction and power over me. She thinks she has control of me and the more I think about it, she does. It is humiliating sometimes the way I just obey her but I am always content with the stimulation she provides and the way she gets me aroused. She has never given me oral sex or suggested anything about having sex or even me masturbating her. Nobody in town or her family have any idea what has been going on for so long. By appearance alone no one would ever suspect Dawn and I would have any sexual involvement. As outspoken and brash as Dawn is I doubt anyone knows how dominant she can be, exept Carl who I also believe she dominates. Dawn is by no means a typical woman and I have never met anyone like her. She is the complete opposite of her mother and sister who I have known for years. I do think she has some kind of fascination with seeing me naked and never expected her to masturbate me as often as she does. If she wants to think she has total control over me I just let her. I have never asked her to do any of this to me. She took it upon herself from the start with me never trying to stop her. I still don't and as long as she enjoys doing this to me I have no objections.



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