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Letter to a Friend

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This is an excerpt from an e-mail I wrote to a lover for the specific purpose of arousing him, but every word is true. I just figured I should be sharing my experiences, since I have had countless orgasms while reading others' stories on SOLO. Thanks everyone, and enjoy!


Hi. How's it going? I've been thinking about you this weekend. I have been really horny, and I haven't been getting laid! My husband hasn't been very responsive, even though I've been all over him the past few days. At least I have my fingers! I masturbated at least three times yesterday. One of those times, I was lying on my bed. I had on sort of silky basketball-style (I guess) shorts, and they felt really smooth and comfy, so I started rubbing my fingers over my pussy, not even really paying attention to what I was doing. But then it started to really arouse me. I guess my body knew better than my mind that it needed some sexual attention. With my shorts still on, I pretended to draw little circles around my clitoral area with my right middle finger. I pulled my shirt up above my titties, and my nipples instantly started to get hard-it was a combination of it being a little chilly in there, and me already being horny. I love to touch my nipples when they get hard, they're so much more sensitive like that. So there I was, teasing my clit through my pants and squeezing my breasts and pulling on my nipples with my left hand. Soon I just had to feel my pussy in the flesh...so I yanked my shorts down to my knees. I had on a pair of silky light blue panties. I started to tease my clit through these like I did through my shorts, but once I felt how wet they had gotten already, I took them off. I sort of traced around the outside of my puss very lightly with both hands. Yep, it was very wet, very ready. I kept thinking of you with your hands on my ass, squeezing it while you fucked me from behind. I rubbed my hands all over my naked body, especially feeling my breasts and my stomach; and I squeezed and caressed my inner thighs. I kept feeling myself with my left hand, but it was time for my right to go to work! Whew, I am really wishing you were here right now. I'm getting really horny again thinking and writing about what I did. But anyway, I started to rub around my now-unclothed clit, the super-sensitive spot where every girl wants be touched and licked...every few 'rubs' I'd slide my finger down between my pussy lips and finger-fuck myself for a few strokes. I was really enjoying myself. I figured I'd bring a toy into the mix, so I got out my smooth chrome-ish purple vibrator. But I wasn't going to use it for its vibrating capability. I love the coolness and smoothness with which it slides into my cunt. I left the vibration off and slowly slid it in out of my hole. Sometimes I like to pound myself with it, but today I felt like taking it a little easier on myself. So I continued to tease the hardened bump that my clit had become while I gently used the purple cock to make love to my own pussy. At this point I was wishing I had more hands, so I could continue to feel myself up as I felt my orgasm gradually approaching. All the while, I kept in my mind the image of you behind me, with your cock deep inside and your hands not only squeezing my ass, but also reaching around to feel my titties bouncing with each of your thrusts. I imagined you grasping my shoulders with your hands and then dragging your nails down the length of my back, just hard enough to leave a mark...and soon I reached the point where orgasm will not be denied. I couldn't believe how much I tightened up on that vibrator-it brought me to the edge, and then I went over the edge, cumming hard with my eyes closed, thinking of you cumming along with me and feeling like I felt at that moment of bliss. As my orgasm ebbed, I continued to slide the vibrator in and out, to match the throbs and quivers my pussy was still having inside. Finally, I relaxed and stretched out on my bed, feeling fully satisfied and sleepy.
Well, that's how it happened this time, write me back and tell me what you think.



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