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Let's Recycle

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During my teenage years, I had a lot of boy to boy sex. Most of the time it was just a couple of us sitting around, looking a porno mags, and watching each other jack off. On several occasions, I couldn't resist the temptation, so I'd ask one of the other boys if I could jack him off or suck on his cock. The answer was a always "yes"!
Once in a while, while jacking one of the other guys off and sucking him off at the same time, he would cum in my mouth. Exciting...different...unusual! Maybe other people found it repulsive, but I sure didn't. (This was back in the 50's when HIV-AIDs wasn't in existence and cum shots in the mouth weren't that unusual). On occasion, I had eaten my own cum, but wasn't too excited about it. After a time of getting someone else's cum shots in my mouth, I decided it would be even more erotic to "recycle" my own cum. I came up with a technique that seemed to be appealing to me. I simply involved a chocolate bar. I'd unwrap the chocolate bar, carefully unfolding the foil wrapper. I'd then proceed to stroke off, getting especially aroused because I knew I was going to eat my own cum! It usually didn't take but a few minutes before big globs of my own cum were covering the chocolate bar. My cock was still hard as I picked up the chocolate bar, and in three or four bites, devoured the bar, cum and all! The smell of the cummy chocolate was a turn on. Most of the time I was able to get another hard-on, and jerk away until I'd sprayed the rugs with more cum.
This technique gave an new meaning to "mmm....mmmm...good!" If you love to eat cum, I'd love to hear about it.
Ever since I was a teenager, I have disliked having body hair. Especially pubic hair. For a man I guess that sometimes seems "weird". Ever since about age 16, whenever I get a chance I either radically trim or completely shave off all the hair on my penis and balls. I guess having teenage sex with other boys who had hairy cocks and hairy balls, the excess hair became a turn-off to me.
Somehow, shaving off the hair seems more healthy, more wholesome, more natural. Not to mention that in a hot and sticky climate, pubic hair can be pretty smelly by the end of the day. All during my married life, which has been the last 35 years, at least twice a year I do a complete shave. When I am jacking off, I enjoy the feel of smooth skin against my hands and against my thighs. Plus, if I get cum all over myself, having no hair makes it easier to clean up.
In the last year, I have taken up shaving my legs. I was never super-hairy to begin with. I have discovered the absolute delight of having my smooth shaved legs and thighs gliding up between my wife's smooth legs and thighs! I have had baby's ass smooth legs for a year now, and enjoy every minute of them! When I jack-off, which is often, I love caressing my legs and thighs. This extra smooth skin acts like a turn-on to me. I can fantasize about all kinds of sweet smooth legs to be between while rubbing my own. My cock responds with a little extra hardness and a much healthier squirt of cum. Tell me I am not the only man who loves shaving his legs? I'd love to hear from other men who do, or ladies who are curious as "why"? or what it feels like.****CREME' POR LA CREME'
(Cream for the Cream)
During summer recess I earned extra money by mowing lawns and doing lawn irrigation. Every so often, a neighbor would leave on vacation and ask me to 'watch the house'. I had a very unusual masturbation experience at one such house. The house I was asked to watch was that of my jack-off buddy, John. John's mother, Barb, was a foxy looking lady with "to-die-for" legs. Many a night I'd lay in bed fantasizing about those legs while stroking my pole. John, and his family were going to be gone for three weeks. What John didn't know was that I knew where the "secret" key to the house was hidden.
One hot July afternoon, I was feeling especially horny. I decided to go over to John's house and snoop around. I went over, did some lawn work to fool the neighbors, then deftly retrieved the key and let myself in. I was filled with so much excitement, I almost didn't know what to do. After cooling off, I went on an "exploration trip". I went into John's mother and father's room and looked through the dresser drawers. I wasn't after money or goods, I was after lingerie! In one of the dresser drawers, I found what I was looking for! A pair of Barbs black lace panties! Except they were a strange looking panty - there was no crotch in them! I was doubly hot and aroused by now. I went to the master bathroom, dropped my shorts, and slowly pulled on her panties! God, what a sensual experience feeling all that smooth as silk nylon ripple across my sensuous and hot boy flesh!
I thought to myself, "I need a drink". I went to the kitchen to look around. In the refrigerator I found a couple of small airline-style bottles of creme de menthe. I got them both out, and found some kind of cola to mix it with. Ugly sounding combination, but then again, what I was after was the alcohol. I poured the bottles into a big glass, with ice and the soda. I went back to the master bathroom, because I wanted to take a shower and jack-off wearing Barb's panties.
I turned the shower on slowly, to allow the water to come to temperature. I nosed around some more in all the cabinets and under the sink. In the bottom draw, I found Barb's douche bag and nozzle. "Oh. My god, I thought, this nozzle has been up her pussy hole". What a turn-on thought! I was crouched down, pulling on my cock with my left hand, contemplating what to do. Then it occurred to me! Put the drink I had made into the douche bag, and drink the booze from the syringe while jacking off!
I made sure the clip on the hose was closed tightly , then poured the drink, ice and all into the douche bag. I carefully positioned the douche bag and clip in the shower, so that when I sat on the floor of the shower I could put the nozzle in my mouth, release the clip, and get a mouth full of booze. I then sat down in the shower and began to slowly jerk away at my cock.
I sat in sort of a cross legged style at the bottom of the shower. As I jacked off, my balls would bounce up and down on the little grate over the drain. I took a drink of 'la creme' from the douche bag. Umm...good! I was imagining all sorts of delights such as - the douche tip I was sucking on had been sliding in and out of Barb's cunt hole. It didn't take but a few minutes and I began to feel high from the booze. The crotchless lace panties I was wearing were perfect for jacking off. There I sat, slowly, deliberately getting high on booze and high on jacking off. I loved the way that the wet nylon panties clung to my skin. I was fascinated by my beautiful cock and by watching my nut sack dance up and down on the drain. I was uncut, so the intensity of the feeling at the head of my dick was tremendous - like an intense itch that I couldn't scratch! I was lost in a fantasy world of booze and masturbation.
Sometime later, the water began to cool I knew I had better finish things off. My head was spinning from the alcohol. My cock was spinning with an intense desire to cum. I pulled back on my cock skin, exposing most of the head, and began to thrust up and down on my cock in a heat of passion. All the while, I was imagining Barb's pussy, Barb's bulging tits, and Barb's nylon covered foxy legs. I imagined licking them all and crawling all over her body, kissing every square inch. Within a few minutes, my cock was cumming like a fountain. Most of my cum shot up in the air and fell right back on my hand as I was pounding more juice out. God, what a wonderful hot and intense orgasm!
I looked down at my hand and thought to myself, "this is such a terrible waste of my juice". I moved my hand to my lips and licked off some cum. I took another drag of the my douche bag drink. Then I licked up some more cum, then more booze. After maybe five minutes, the damn water was getting cold, I was out of booze, but my hand was clean as a whistle! What a turn on, I knew I would have to do this again before they returned! I know I can't be the only one who has had this kind of experience. I'd love to share similar experiences or answer questions. ---(submitted by Arby_J)



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