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Let Me Know If This Arouses You

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Thought I should give some back


I've been a reader of this fine site for several years and have been very aroused many times from your wonderful stories, so I thought I should give something back.

I've been a dedicated masturbator since age 13 and despite being happily married for 26 years still find time to indulge at least 5 times a week.

I read a story from Janice on March 14 entitled 'While hubby is away' and apart from turning me on incredibly, I think we have a lot in common.

I enjoy the details of methods and bodies.

With that in mind I submit the following.

Although I'm 53, I keep very fit. I'm 6ft, weight is 80kg with a muscular build. I have some chest hair, just enough to cover the area, with a thin line that runs over my stomach to my navel. It then spreads out over my lower stomach to reach my pubic bush, which is black and thick and spreads from hip to hip.

And now to my penis. It would be easy to write anything here, but I'll be totally honest. As I sit here typing this, I'm naked from my waist down, so I'm describing what I can see. Because this is turning me on, I'm half erect, so the shaft is resting out over my left thigh. If however I was completely flaccid, I would measure around 3 to 4 inches. When I'm in that state it's possible to see a major vein that runs from in my bush and then down the centre of the shaft to just under the head.

When I start to erect, which happens very quickly, within a few seconds, my size is just under 6 and a half inches, but I'm very thick, almost 6 inches around. Once I'm hard the main vein becomes very enlarged and others appear around the sides and underneath. My head is a distinct bell shape and is the same size as my shaft.

The colour of the shaft becomes very pink then red and then purple, particularly the head. Looking at it now, I'm fully erect and it's bright purple and very polished. I've always been a prolific pre cummer, and the older I get the more I seem to produce. As soon as I'm hard it starts to drip then flow. In the short time I've been sitting here, I've covered my left thigh and lower stomach. When I stand and masturbate, a long continual drip will appear, so I'll be left with a pool on the floor. I've actually attached a bottle to see how much I produce, I'll tell you about that another time. My balls are probably larger than average. They are usually very loose and move a lot, although sometimes close to orgasm they do contract and tighten. I don't have the time to detail all my masturbation habits, But If I get some good response to this I'll continue to contribute.

But I will tell you I have many and different sessions. When pushed for time, I can be flaccid, erect and orgasm in less than minute. As a contrast, if I have more time I can edge for hours without climaxing, ending in the most amazing ejaculations. I've found over the last 10 years or so I will usually end up standing as I cum. I think this is because I can do it in the privacy of the bathroom, when perhaps there is someone else around. So with a quicky, I'll sometimes simply remained clothed, undo my fly, remove my penis and start to either rub it very quickly with a thumb on top and fingers underneath, perhaps slap it very violently against the palm of my other hand. Either way I'm erect within seconds, and then I'll simply, squeeze the shaft very tightly and very rapidly stroke back and forwards. I'll usually be standing over the toilet, but I can watch myself in a mirror. Because I'm clothed, all I can see is the blur of my hand and my balls are hanging down over my trousers and bouncing and slapping against my thighs. I'll start to orgasm within a minute. I'm very vocal when I'm alone so I'll start to moan and yell as the first spurt appears. I should mention I'm still a big ejaculator, even at my age. It's still one of the aspects of masturbation that fascinates me.

Even with a minute session I'll usually have at least 6 contractions, with at least 3 of those spurting past the toilet. For longer sessions, 10 to 13 contractions is normal, and the best distance I've measured standing, is 6ft 2inches.

I've become very aroused by writing this and will have to move to the bathroom to indulge. I'd really love some feedback from particularly women who have enjoyed this. Leave your comments and I'll continue to contribute with much more. I've got a wide range of masturbation stories.



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