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Let It Snow!

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It is cold where I live although it is also picturesque. Think of the idyllic English village, and you will have the right idea.

On Monday, we had the first snow of the year that will, unless global warming gets in the way, cut off our little community for the next few weeks. It was into this white, blanketed world that I emerged....


....to find my car totally enveloped in a cocoon of snow. This reminded me of a previous experience and on the spur of the moment, I decided to repeat it.

Opening the door carefully so as not to dislodge the snow, I sidled into the car and shut, then locked the doors behind me. It felt like I was in a world of my own, isolated from the real world outside. I undid my jeans and slid them, together with my panties down to my ankles, and then I took them off altogether. Have you any idea what biting, almost savage cold does to a clitoris and vagina that is already very wet? I am one of those girls who gets extremely wet when aroused. The few boyfriends I have had (not for many years, sadly) used to say I got TOO wet. So, I sprawled out in the passenger seat and spread my legs. I wanted something to think about, something preferably very dirty and perhaps even a little perverted as well. I hitched my t shirt right up so my breasts were exposed too. The cold was so savage it almost hurt and that is what gave me the idea. I imagined that I was locked in my own car with a stranger who was about to fuck me. The moment I thought the 'F' word, I knew that this was going to be a good one. I am not normally foul mouthed at all, and thinking and now and then saying dirty words is incredibly arousing for me.

So, I turned my attention to my cunt. I spread my lips wide and began to tease my already hard clit even harder! I felt so wanton, such a whore in that little car. I pinched my nipples a lot harder than I usually do and began to get the scene in my head. HE was there, HE was about to enter me. I lifted my pelvis towards him and let the fantasy play out in my mind. At the exact moment when, in my head, he shot his load into me, I had the most crushing orgasm I have had for a long, long time.

It was at this precise moment, right in the middle of me cumming like a bitch on heat, that the sheet of snow covering the drivers window fell to the floor exposing me to the world.

I have never felt so alive, so whore-like, such a slut. And I found I could not stop.

Pulling my coat around me, I started the engine. (Finally there was some warmth) The blessing of an electrically heated front and rear windscreen meant that I could drive off relatively quickly after starting the engine.

Very VERY carefully, I made my way up a lane that runs alongside my little house. It was very nearly impassable, but the farmer who owns it likes to keep it clear so he had been down it with his home-made snow plough. I didnt need to go far either. Only as far as a little coppice of trees. I parked, got out and walked into the small wood. Still all-but naked under my coat, I shrugged it off and stood there letting the cold bite my clit again.

Standing up, I felt like cumming again so I leaned back against a tree and parted my legs. DAMN but it was cold up there. So cold, that I needed to pee. I didnt squat, I just thrust my hips forward and held my cunt lips apart and sprayed the snow. It was one of the more erotic things I have ever done and soon I was jilling again like crazy and got my reward of another orgasm. As I was on my own, I let myself be very vocal, moaning, swearing to myself.

I wasn't fantasizing at this point, merely getting off on masturbating outdoors, again a first for me. So with many 'Oh yes... Ohhh fuck.... FUCK... FUUUUCCCKKK MEEEEE.' I orgasmed and squirted too. (THAT looks very different on fresh, virgin snow too!)

By now, I had a whole new definition of the words 'fucking frozen' so I pulled my coat on again and almost ran back to my car. The short drive home wasn't nearly enough for the heater to work properly and when I walked in, my mum said 'Oh Kate! You look frozen! Your cheeks are so red!'

If only she knew why.

My new-years resolution then. Two things. I want to get laid again, its been way WAY too long. (Not since Uni, in fact) and, well, I want to see what it is like with another girl too. I don't know why, I just think I would be less inhibited with another girl and there are some things I want to try that I think a boy would freak out at.



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