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Lessons from His Point of View

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This is my response as I am the male in this story:

Forgive me but a little history. A while ago I went looking for someone, who, like me, had gone through a rough time. I found someone and we shared our pain, helping each other to heal.

Well as we got comfortable with each other our conversations turned to other subjects. One being sex. Since I am in my mid 40's and she in her early 20's I have a lot more life experience.

In one of these conversations she told me she did not really know her way around a cock, what it really looked like, how it really felt, how to make one cum, how it felt to do so. Basically she wanted to know a lot about it. I, being a gentleman, agreed to help. So began our 'lessons'.

At first it was awkward to be naked in front of her, I think, both of us. None the less, we both enjoyed her exploration of my cock, balls and everywhere else she cared to explore.

The first time she gave me a handjob, it was more an exploration of what it looked and felt like. Not really trying to get me to cum but rather what felt good to me, to her, what made me moan, what made her moan. To be honest, there were times I really did not want to tell her what made me feel too good so I could just enjoy the feelings of her hands exploring my cock and balls.

Over time, she has learned how to make me cum as quickly as she wish's or take as long as she likes. She has teased me by not letting me cum to the point of me begging for release. When I finally did cum, I shot everywhere, what felt like gallons and my organism lasted for ever.

She has been able to make me literally and uncontrollably scream with pleasure. Shake like a leaf. Left me completely drained in every good way.

She has made me cum hundreds of times. One day she asked that I take a viagra so she could see how many times she could make me cum in one day. My cock was tried but extremely satisfied.

I have cum on her tits, face, mouth, in her hair, as she mentioned, she sometimes wears my cum for the day making me happy knowing that some of me is with her.

Lately she has been asking about the prostate as I had an exam not too long ago. Seeing how much she loves to make me cum, I told her about it and she has asked a few of her gay friends. While I have always loved when she touches my taint and ass, she has never inserted her finger inside me to find my prostate. She was determined to see what it was like and what she could do to me so not too long ago, after getting me very turned on and well lubed everywhere, she started to insert her finger inside me (I knew this was coming so I had made sure I was clean). The first few times I can't say that I enjoyed it too much but with practice and patience, she has given me some awesome orgasms playing with my prostate and cock.

One of the times she made me cum, I was tired but delighted to see her and know that she would take care of me. Off came my pants while she went to get the lube. Sitting down between my legs, she began stroking my cock. Because of my age and health, I lost my erection. She looked at me confused 'is it me, am I doing something wrong?'-after I explained what happened, I showed her how to keep me hard. I love her for not giving up but kept on going until I came all over her hand. She has since learned how to make me cum no matter what condition I'm in.

Writing this and rereading her story has left me very turned on. I wish she were here now.



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