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The woman next door, educates her neighbor.


It was the Summer of '79, I was 18 at the time, earlier in the year a young 34yr old single mom named Kim and her young pre-teen son moved into the house next door.

I was a gear head always working on my car in the driveway and got to be friends with the new neighbors, I was teaching the new kid next door the basics of car mechanics and his mom (Kim) would invite me over for dinners and to hang out with them. Anyhow it was in July and her son was at summer camp and Kim had the first summer long weekend to herself, so she invited me to go the beach with her, I needed a break from working on my car, so we went to a secluded beach, where there was no sand just large flat rocks to lie on and the ocean on the outskirts of town. It was just the two of us and a few other people around, Kim went topless at first wearing only her bikini bottoms, me for the first time seeing the breasts on a 30+ yr old woman, I had an erection that was bulging out of my Speedo's.

Kim saw that and dared me to take off my Speedo's and go nude and then she said she would take her bottoms off also. So I did it an out popped my erection, Kim took of her bikini and commented on the size of my erection, but we just lied there and tanned and swam in the nude, nothing much else. Then we went back to her home and she suggested I stay for dinner and that I should have a shower to get freshened up, so I was in the shower and then Kim walked into the shower about 10 minutes later completely naked saying she wanted to shampoo my hair, she also saw that I was washing myself and asked me if I was masturbating, to be honest I never heard of that word before and had no idea what she meant, so I asked her to explain and she told me, in which I honestly said I've never really done that or ever thought about it, she said she was shocked and thought that I would've been a chronic Masturbator with the erection that I had and my age, so she told me she wanted to teach me and told me to grip my hand around my Penis and stroke it back and forth, while doing that, she was rubbing her shaved Vagina, this lead into us both masturbating ourselves into an orgasm, I can't tell you how awesome it felt to make myself come in front of her.

Afterwards we did freshen up for real and had dinner, over the next 2 weeks we had a couple more mutual masturbation sessions, she said she didn't want to have intercourse at first but then later on it lead to a full sexual relationship for the next month, but then the summer ended and I had to leave town to go to technical college, by the winter Kim & her son had moved to another city, but we kept in touch for about a year afterwards, but we never had another session or sex again. To this day 34 years later, I still remember her walking into the shower with me and teaching me how to masturbate, it still makes hard just thinking about it.



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