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Less Pain More Pleasure

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The medicine is kicking in today.


Was diagnosed with strep throat yesterday but spent the afternoon finding ways to make myself feel better. It worked. I'm still home from work today too. So I had some time to myself and took advantage. The throat feels better and is less painful. But I enjoyed my session so much yesterday I decided to do it again today using the same technique. I use four finger flat on top of the lips and rub around and up and down and back and forth and use a slow and steady pace. It takes longer to cum this way but it is intense when I do and it allows me to play for an hour or better. I have to force myself not to stick my finger between the lips and finish off quickly and I can control myself from doing that so I can enjoy the deep orgasm the four finger massage will eventually give me.
I get very wet so my hand glides easily over my whole mound and after a while I'm dripping down my fingers and my thighs. So as I massaged my mound over my lips I started to again think about past lovers today.
This time I thought about their different dicks. They were all about average, most about 6' - 7' or so. One guy was a bit smaller I guess about 5'. One guy was about 7' and pretty thick and he had a huge head. I loved to run my fingertips over the head and play with it and tease it. Another guy was about 6' and what a hard on he got. Best hard on I ever saw, amazingly hard to the touch, much more than anyone else I was with. Him I loved to touch the underneath of the shaft on the spot that was the hardest. It turned me on a lot. He wasn't that thick and the head was more elongated. Another one had a very thin penis but it was very long with a bit of a pointy thin head on it. It had awesome veins that swelled.
I started thinking about each guy's method and penis and then though, I wonder how that method would be with a different penis. So I mixed and matched them in my head. I thought about the guy who pumped me real slow and steady and could stay semi hard after cumming and still stay inside me and wondered if my other lover with the smaller penis did that method how it would feel. I then wondered if the one who pumped slow and steady had used the pumping method of the guy with the smaller penis how that would feel. I figure they each had their method maybe subconsciously for a reason. I'm thinking the guy with the small penis pumping slowly wouldn't give me that much sensation so that's why he went a bit faster. But what really intrigued me was the guy with the larger penis really pumping me and then after cumming giving the two deep thrusts like my other lover did each time. Now that I think might have been pretty awesome.
I remember in particular one session with a lover of mine that took place on my living room floor. I remember laying next to him watching a movie and deciding to play. I reached over and unbuttoned his jeans. He didn't say a word, just kept watching the movie pretending not to notice. I unzipped his fly and still he paid me no mind. I reached in and separated his underwear and pulled his dick out through the hole. For someone not noticing me, he was already pretty excited. I started to play with the head with my fingertips, softly at first. He got real hard with this so I began to stroke him. Still not the slightest acknowledgement on his part. I stroked him faster and harder and gripped him tight until he couldn't help but start moaning. Yet he was still pretending he had no idea what I was doing. An intriguing little game on his part. Hmmmmmm, so I decided to make things interesting and play my own little game. I got him going good, panting hard and moaning yet still watching the movie as if nothing was happening. Then suddenly I stopped. Instant acknowledgement! Finally he turned his head and looked at me. Oh God, please don't stop he said. Stop what I replied. This was getting fun. Continue, continue he said. I said, what, was I doing something, I was watching the movie with you, what are you talking about. He was getting crazed and practically begging me to continue. So I slowly grazed my fingers over the head, down the shaft and back up. He started to pant. Keep going he said. So I did the same thing again and again and he was writhing all over the floor. Finally I gripped him tight and stroked him hard. He shot straight over his head, bucking his hips into my hand hard. Remembering that is a huge turn on for me. It cause me to have my own orgasm as I played.



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