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Leslie & Friend

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My first story. Here is my story of how I learned to bond with two great women.


When I was 21 years old I broke up with my boyfriend of two years. After a few weeks I stopped missing him and started missing sex. Soon, I craved the good sex I was missing.

About that time I went out one night with a friend of mine named Leslie who I'd known for years. Leslie was always the one who could make me feel better when I was feeling down. After I spoke with her about craving sex she asked me to join her and her friend Don one night soon. She said I would feel better after spending the night together and my troubles would be over. She had a funny grin on her face when she spoke but when I asked what she meant she just said, trust me.

I agreed to a night with her and her friend even though I still had no idea what the night would bring. I had the feeling that I was going to have my first threesome. The thoughts leading up to that night were very exciting for me. I would masturbate and dream about me and Leslie sharing a huge cock. The faceless man was hot and muscular with a huge cock that never went soft.

A few days passed then our night arrived. Leslie asked me to be at her place sharp for 8:00pm. I dressed in the sexiest little outfit I had. I'm quite thin and trim and my medium sized boobs sit nice so I opted for no bra. My nipples stuck out hard and long with only the very sheer silk blouse covering them. I left the buttons undone to show a great deal of cleavage. I remember leaving the house feeling almost like I was topless. My nipples rubbed against the silk as they bounced when I walked. They were so hard they felt like they would bust! I wore a tiny black skirt and black heels. I was ready for whatever Leslie and this man had in store for me.

I got to Leslies house and before getting out of the car I pinched and pulled my nipples to get them hard and long. I walked to the door and as I looked down I could see them pointing out really far. Leslie opened the door and invited me in. To my surprise she was not dressed like I was. She was wearing shorts and a T but she too was braless which made me feel at ease. Leslie invited me to the living room where I met her friend. Her friend Dawn, was a woman. Dawn was a bit older than Leslie and I by maybe four or five years. We all sat down in the living room which was very small. After some small talk and some wine Leslie pointed out to Dawn that I was having man problems. I laughed saying it was more sex problems and then went on to tell them both how foolish I was thinking that I was going to share a man with Leslie that night. Leslie said she knew what I thought and Dawn said she was happy with how I dressed for them.

We talked about guys and sex then about my long nipples. Dawn said she loved seeing nipples like mine. She asked Leslie to stand beside me and began comparing our boobs. Leslie had (at the time) about the exact same body as me only just a bit taller. Dawn was not skinny like we were but was in no way fat. She was just a bit more smooth with quite large boobs. As Leslie and I stood together Dawn reached out and felt Leslies boobs. She then looked at me and asked if I minded, then before I answered began to fondle mine too. She tweaked my nipples gently then remarked at how quickly they grew long and hard. She then took Leslie's hand and put it on my boob asking what she thought. Leslie felt me for a few seconds while looking straight into my eyes then slowly took her hand away saying they were perfect.

This was a first time for me and it was quite enjoyable. I found myself getting quite into the whole girl bonding thing. Dawn took my hand and sat me down on the rug on the floor. She and Leslie sat down and we ended up in a triangle looking at each other. Dawn asked if she could ask a personal question. She asked if I had ever seen another woman orgasm before. I hesitated saying not in person. Dawn smiled then said she had another question for me. She said that she and Leslie had been regularly enjoying each others company while having orgasms for quite some time and it was a wonderful experience they would love to share with me too. Leslie said, you know, masturbating together. I was so shocked I did not know what to say. Leslie then thought by my look that I was not happy then began to apologise. I said no, please it's good. I told them I had never done anything like that before. Leslie asked if I wanted to just watch to start while she and Dawn masturbated together then if I was comfortable I could join in and if not it would be fine too. I just nodded yes and said sure.

Leslie stood up and held out both hands to me and Dawn. She lead us to her tiny bedroom. As we walked Dawn began to unbutton her top then once inside dropped it to the floor. She stood facing me while she unhooked her bra then out bounced her huge round breasts. Wow were they big! My eyes gave me away and Dawn giggled saying that I must like boobs too. Dawn and Leslie took seconds before they were stripped naked in front of me. I felt overdressed but stayed with my clothes on. Leslie had me sit on her chair beside the bed saying it was her sex chair when she had a man. I sat back then the ladies began. Dawn sat with her back to the wall and Leslie laid stretched out in front of her. Dawn opened her legs then began to stroke her clit back and forth from side to side. Dawn had only whispers of blonde hair on her puss. Leslie was shaven like I like to be. Perfectly with not as much as a shadow.

The two girls remained quiet with only the sounds of soft moans and sighs as they both slowly rubbed their clits. Within a short time Leslie began to go faster and breathe harder. Then, faster and faster and I could hear the slapping and sloshing sound her fingers were making on her clit. Leslie kept going fast for quite a long time then Dawn said to me that she should be cumming any time now. Seconds later Leslie lifted her bottom off the bed arching backwards up on her shoulders and toes then as she pushed her puss into the air she bucked hard and chirped out OH OH OH OH! What a beautiful orgasm she had! She slowly dropped her body back down to the bed and Dawn and I watched as Leslie's body jerked every few seconds with the pleasure of her fading orgasm. Once she stopped jerking and began to breathe normally again Dawn softly said, that is what an orgasm should look like. Leslie smiled saying that is what they all should feel like too.

Dawn went right back to her clit now picking up her own pace. A few sounds later she asked Leslie for her rocket. Leslie slid over to her night table and took out a small silver vibe then passed it to Dawn. She turned it on to a low buzz then laid it on her clit. She slid back and let her legs fall open with a smile on her face. I watched Dawn now begin her climb to orgasm. Dawn's hips began to roll in a slow circle. She licked her fingers then wet her clit for better sliding of the rocket. Dawn looked like she was in heaven moving her whole body back and forth while the rocket buzzed on her clit. It was not long before Dawn said 'it's coming now'. Dawn threw back her head and hit the wall hard but it did not appear to stop her at all. Once her orgasm hit she dropped over to one side laying with the rocket on her clit and her legs straight out and quivering. This night was so exciting! I thought it was odd at the start but it was as good as any sex with any man ever and I had not even taken off my clothes.

I stayed with my clothes on hot and bothered for maybe an hour while the girls had orgasm after orgasm. They would stop and talk then start again for more. On one of their rests between orgasms Dawn told me they learned they could have hours of fun if they wanted. She said when they first began they would have an orgasm each then stop. She said after a night of watching a movie together they learned they could masturbate for hours if they wanted. All she said was the next day they both had very tender clits but the good part was the next night they could orgasm even better.

Dawn finished first and Leslie kept it up for a while longer. Leslie had a few more orgasms really close together and they were BIG & LOUD. As she finished I said I could not go any longer and I wanted to cum too. I thought I could hold out but I was just too horny.

I stripped off my clothes and my puss was soaking wet. The girls were so happy that I was going to masturbate with them and made me a comfortable place to be. I took Dawn's place sitting against the wall. I sat with both the girls looking at me and that alone made me even more horny. I put my fingers to my clit and I only had to make a few circles before I could feel the sensation of orgasm coming. Soon I was cumming hard and I let loose with a scream that would wake the dead. It was about the best orgasm I ever had masturbating in my life! I honestly believe it was THE best orgasm I ever had. I was not stopping with just one. The girls were my audience and I put on a nice show in return for what I had watched. I rubbed my clit slow, fast, hard, soft, up and down and side to side. Whatever I did I would cum so easily.

Once the night was done I went home and vibrated my clit for more orgasms again. In the morning it was the same thing again! I could not get enough orgasms.

I learned that night how girlfriends can enjoy each other without guys and still be normal girls. Nothing more than pure sex without guys and beautiful girls bonding.

I later had a few more encounters with Leslie and Dawn. Soon it was just me and Leslie then guys took over and we stopped altogether. While it lasted it was nothing less than beautiful perfect fun.



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