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Lesbian Pleasures

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Lesbian Pleasures
I can't believe I'm actually typing this, but here it goes. I'm a 16 year old female and a few months ago, i was over at my friend, Amanda's house and we were messing around on the computer, checking out a few sexy websites. I felt myself getting really hot and desperately wanted to touch myself but didn't want to do it in front of her. I was about the excuse myself to go to the bathroom and get some relief when i noticed her hand slip down her pants and into her underwear. She saw me looking and turned to me, smiling. "Wanna help?" As I stood, shocked, she took my hand and pressed it against her crotch, urging me on. I slowly unzipped her jeans and slid them off, along with the rest of her clothes while she undressed me. Her beautiful tits were erect and her pussy was dripping. "I've always wanted to do this," She whispered.
Amanda laid down on the bed and I went to work on her, massaging her clit with my fingers, and caressing the inside of her pussy while she moaned and convulsed on the bed. I enjoyed the softness of her wet little pussy, it was making me so horny. She came all over my fingers and lay gasping for breath when she was done. "Now I can do you." She smiled and licked her lips. I expected her to shove her fingers up inside me but she laid me down, spread open my legs, and began kissing the inside of my thigh. It felt soooo good. My pussy was throbbing for her attention. She started to suck on my aching clit, gently flicking her tongue in to my hole. I was in ecstasy. I ground my hips into the bed, my legs trembling with excitement. It only took me a minute to come and by that time I was squirming with pleasure.
It was the best orgasm I've ever hard, long and deep, causing my entire body to shake. I wanted Amanda so bad. I could see she was feeling the same. She climbed on top of me and our lips met. Soon we were kissing passionately. Amanda positioned her pussy so that it was directly on top of mine and began to pump. Our soaking pussies thrust together, the juices flowing and mixing as we rubbed each others hard nipples and continued making out. I loved the sensation of her fleshy pink pussy rubbing against my clit, moistening it even more than it already was. "Yessss!!!!! "I screamed. "Pushhh, pussh, baby, harder!!! Fuck me!!" She began to thrust her hips more violently, clits smashing together. I felt the sensation building, the delicious tingle that was about to overtake my body. Thats when we heard Amanda's mom's voice.
"What the hell is going on in here????" She had heard the screaming and came in to check on us. She had found her daughter on top of another girl, fucking the crap out of her. We didn't let that ruin our moment, though. We both exploded at the same time, coming all over the bed and on each other.
"Amanda!!!" We both turned to look at her mom. She was glaring. "Mom, its not like I'm going to get pregnant or anything. It's with another girl." Amanda protested. Her mom's face softened as I watched on in shock. Amanda's mom finally spoke, " Thats true. I guess you girls have to relieve yourselves somehow. Tell you what? I'll let you and Jessica pleasure each other whenever you want to, just as long as you keep it down. We don't want your father to find out." She winked at us and left the room. Amanda turned to me, "You haven't ate me out yet," she said slyly. "The what are we waiting for?" I answered back. We stayed up almost the whole night getting to know each other a little better. I've learned not to be so loud when I orgasm, and thats great because I can go over and screw Amanda whenever I want to and her mom won't mind. We've had lots of great adventures of fucking, licking, and masturbating each other over these last few months, and there'll be plenty more to come. ;)



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