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Lesbian Conversion

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This happened about a year or so ago but just found your website recently


My first years in college I made friends with a coed who could have been a model. She was a lesbian and I guess she assumed I was homosexual as well, but I'm not.

Like me, her first priority was her art just as mine was my engineering. We crossed paths to and from class and would sit in the park when we had breaks between classes. I always prayed she wouldn't look down into my lap as we talked.

One Friday she was in a really good mood and told me her lover was going home for the weekend and she hated the thought of a weekend alone. She told me I should come visit her Saturday night and she would make dinner for us. I agreed figuring platonic friendships are better than no friendships at all.

Saturday afternoon I was both nervous and highly excited. I arrived a bit early and she had dinner in the oven and it smelled wonderful. She asked me to open a bottle of wine and more than once she was up against me such that her blonde hair was in my face and her smell caught my nose. Her blue eyes had melted my soul from the very first day we met but this immediate closeness was all new to me. Soon I felt that familiar stirring in my pants. It made me nervous. I felt about to be found out.

The wine made us both loosen up and as we sat and listened to her music with our legs up on the coffee table her eyes soon caught sight of my crotch. She looked shocked, 'What the hell is up with that?' Her eyes were the size of saucers.

Now if you know anything about really smart people, one of the things we like to do best is sometimes hobby at playing really dumb.

I responded, 'What?' She pointed at my crotch and went for the more direct route, 'That! Have you got an erection for me?' I laughed at her pretending to be nervous and shocked and said, 'Ppppllleeeaaassseee! Kind of full of ourselves, aren't we? Thought you were a lesbian with a lover?'

This threw her off her game, to be sure.

She was really flustered.

She got up and said, 'I think it is time for us to eat.' I noticed her cheeks were glowing red.

We had a nice dinner with light conversation and such and I figured the evening would end early. I was wrong.

After dinner and cleaning up and doing dishes we went back to the wine and the music in the living room. Her idea. Pretty soon she asked, 'Have you ever tried to be with a woman, like sexually?' I said, 'No, not really. (the truth) You?' I cracked a smart ass smile. We both laughed so hard for several minutes and could not stop.

When the laughter stopped she matter of factly said, 'Let me see it.' Not a question and yet not really a command... I smiled and said, 'I will show you mine if you show me yours.'

Whether it was the wine or attraction I am not sure but pretty soon she stood up right there in the living room and began to disrobe. I stood up when she got down to her bra and panties and began to do the same. By the time we were both naked, my erection was bobbing to my heart rate.

She was bright red as she spoke, 'Can I touch it?' I smiled slightly and said, 'Only if I can touch you.' She nodded her head in the affirmative.

She soon began a slow jacking motion as I fingered her looking for her 'G' spot. While I had never been with a woman, I had watched my share of porn to jack with. I could tell I was doing something right as pretty soon she said, 'Let's sit down.'

Long story short, I blasted my first load all over our laps and her sofa as she came with me and made a smiliar mess.

She seemed somewhat embarassed and soon asked if we could go into the darkness of her bedroom and just hold each other. I agreed. I think she was struggling with both being a cheater as well as the truth of her sexuality.

In spite of the relief, I was now more horny than ever. I made the case that if I were to make out with her in the dark, she would not really know if it were me or her lesbian lover. She argued with me at first and put up some resistance but soon my nagging wore her down. I was in heaven as I masturbated her to yet a second orgasm.

Several more glasses of wine and I convinced her she could not tell the difference between a penis and a dildo but that is not for these pages.

All would have gone well but she wound up showing up with our son several months later. Her lesbian lover dumped her and was so pissed! She wouldn't have anything to do with me either and now I am increasingly wanting to visit my son.



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