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Leg Humper

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This story is about an ex girlfriend and her female friend.


About ten years ago I was dating this sexy tall blond woman named Cassandra. She was 29. We met playing on a co-ed soccer team. She had perfect legs, ass and skin but only an A cup which I didn't mind because everything else was perfect. She was hyper sexual and sex was her main topic of conversation. In my opinion she shared too much and with too many people. She had a friend that used to drop by on her frequently. Which at times annoyed her but she put up with it.

One day she told me that her friend Erica came over and when she was over she put her pussy on her leg. I was like wtf? How? And Cassandra said she was sitting side ways at her computer showing Erica something. Cassandra was wearing short shorts and as her head was facing the screen Erica then got real close she bent down to look at the computer screen and straddled her left leg. She was wearing a sun dress and no underwear. Cassandra said it was only for a second or two but she was certain that she did it on purpose. I thought that was hot.

A few weeks went by and we didn't see Erica, then out of the blue I get a call at work from Cassandra she said you wouldn't believe what happened. She said Erica called and asked what she was doing and Cassandra told her she was sunbathing in her thong on her deck. She said Erica practically gasped and said I'm in the neighborhood and that she was gonna stop by. Cassandra was like no, now is not a good time but Erica begged her and Cassandra gave in. She just wanted Erica to beg.

So she said Erica showed up wearing a short skirt. Erica was also on the soccer team. She was shorter than Cassandra and was darker. She had a great athletic body. Cassandra let her in and was wearing a thong and was topless. She said she turned around real quick cause she knew Erica had a perfect chance to stare at her ass. When she turned around Erica was absolutely staring. She said she totally blushed and made some stupid small talk about the weather. She said she went back to laying down. Erica asked if she needed her to rub lotion on her back and Cassandra said yes.

She said she laid on her stomach and Erica started by rubbing it on her shoulders then she straddled Cassandra's ass. Again she wasn't wearing any underwear and Cassandra could feel her naked vagina but this time on her ass. She said she could hear Erica panting and shaking. Cassandra said thanks which was Erica's cue to stop applying the lotion and she got up and as she did Cassandra turned over real quick and could see Erica's naked pussy right above her. Erica then sat next to the almost naked Cassandra. Cassandra is the type to use her sexiness to torture people and that was what she did. She said she told Erica that her legs were achy and Erica jumped all over the prospect of massaging Cassandra.

Erica straddled one of Cassandra's legs and with both hands applied pressure to her thigh. In this position it also allowed Erica to put her throbbing naked pussy on Cassandra's lower leg. And Cassandra could now watch Erica hump her leg which she told me she enjoyed. She watched Erica starting to get flush in the face and then Cassandra asked Erica. 'Are you humping my leg?' And Erica stopped and looked as if she'd been caught. Cassandra then said to her. 'It's ok. Finish.' Erica looked at her and then put her pussy right on Erica's shin but this time with Cassandra's go ahead she reached under Cassandra's leg and grabbed Cassandra's muscular calf and raised the leg so she could get more friction.

Cassandra said she then pressed her face into Cassandra's thigh and furiously humped her leg. She was panting and moaning and started to lick Cassandra's thigh. Erica was letting out louder and louder moans and was intensely shaking as she had the most explosive orgasm Cassandra had ever seen. She said when Erica got off of her after her monster orgasm, she got up, pulled her thong off, and humped Erica's still quivering thigh to an equally intense orgasm. I couldn't believe that my girlfriend was telling me this story and part of me felt like she cheated on me when another part of me needed to rub one out. My relationship didn't last with Cassandra but I will never forget her story.



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