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Leg Fetish Girlfriend 2

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Back in January I told you about Annie, my randy 20-year-old London student nurse girlfriend in the late Swinging Sixties. With her long dark hair, small breasts, and curvy 5'3' body, she instinctively knew how to turn me on, and understood that most of all I loved to feast my eyes on her dimply knees, soft, full thighs and fleshy quivering buttocks ... luckily, she admitted that she had always loved to be a bit of a leg exhibitionist, especially around the flat, and always wore her mimiskirt as short as possible, sometimes turned over at the top and pulled up so high that sitting down without displaying her legs right up to her crotch was impossible. Seeing her revealed so openly and invitingly always made me rock-hard, and Annie would soon notice the growing bulge in my tight hipster trousers, laugh with delight, and reach out to unzip and pull my bobbing swollen cock out for a little dirty play.

One night, during one of our prolonged heavy petting sessions on the couch, we'd been feasting on the pictures of models in a girlie mag I'd bought, and got ouselves revved up the the maximum, bringing ourselves to the edge of coming several times. I admitted to being hugely stimulated by the photographs, and I was really excited when Annie eagerly agreed that she was too; one girl in particular made us both want to bring ourselves off on the spot-she had fabulous generous thighs, like Annie's, and wore tight PVC boots and showed off her legs in a shameless kneeling pose, making the thighs look huge. 'I can do that!' boasted Annie-she then told me about her previous boyfriend, an Australian, who had obviously felt the same about Annie's legs as I did, and who had persuaded her to pose for him to take photographs, 'with my legs in funny positions'. 'Show me what you mean!', I pleaded, and she grinned, ran to the bedroom, and soon returned to the living room dressed to turn me on like never before: she had pulled on her tiniest tight short shorts: these were the shortest I'd ever seen, with barely an inch of material on each leg below the crotch, and her thick black pubic hair was clearly visible. She'd pulled them up tight so that her buttocks were almost completely exposed, and her shiny high-heeled leather over-the-knee boots completed the costume. Annie then proceeded to take me through some of her (and her ex-boyfriend's) favourite photographic poses.

To start, she squatted on the couch, with her legs wide apart and her thighs spread massively, just like the model in the mag, the flesh bulging erotically from the tight leather boot tops and the wickedly short shorts. Pinching her nipples, she rubbed her crotch through the straining fabric of her shorts, looking hungrily down at the girl in the magazine, then at the expanse of her own thighs, as if comparing herself, breathing quickly and closing her eyes until her juices started to flow and a dark wet patch formed. Next, Annie got up off the couch, pulled off the boots and replaced them with long white schoolgirl-type hold-up stockings, which she pulled up until they reached mid-thigh, the tight elastic gripping her soft quivering flesh, and black high-heeled shoes. By now, my cock was pulsing and twitching uncontrollably, but although she frequently eyed it keenly and grinned and licked her lips, she made me promise not to touch it yet, until she was really ready. Next, she pulled her now-soaking shorts down, and squatted back on her heels on the floor in front of the full-length living-room mirror, stroking her soft thighs and breathing hard, before turning sideways with one leg folded voluptuously beneath her and the other raised high, while she fingered her swollen clit and dipped her fingers into her waiting vagina. She encouraged me to stroke her thighs, especially where her soft flesh was gripped tightly by her sock-tops. She then got to her feet, pulled her boots back on, and stood in front of the mirror, tightly clad legs wide astride, and watched herself, fascinated, as she set about frigging herself toward a long-awaited climax. 'Oh God, I love doing this', she moaned, 'just look at my legs, it turns me on so much wearing these for you, like a little randy porno girl, and it's no wonder I was worth photographing like this! And I'm much better and much much randier than that girl in the magazine, too!' I had to agree-and my cock agreed too! Holding her vagina open with the fingers of one hand, Annie alternately flicked her pink jutting clit and thrust two, then three bunched fingers deep inside, while her hips thrust and bucked, and her tightly socked and booted thighs shook and quivered enticingly. Her grunts of lust rose higher into a shriek as she hit her climax, head thrown back in ecstasy. Sinking once more to her sexiest squatting position, thighs hugely spread, Annie then turned her attention to my bloated cock, precum dripping from its tip and veins standing out like whipcord. Best of all, she then insisted on measuring my member! Grabbing a tape measure from a shelf-eight inches long, and five-plus inches around the helmet. 'I think it's big enough now, boy-do it!', she whispered, and she watched eagerly, fingering herself unceasingly, as I stroked and jerked myself, watching myself in the mirror, to the most intense orgasm I could remember, letting the violent jets of hot steaming sperm spurt out onto the glass and roll thickly down. Annie was now ready for still more, and squatting in front of me in her (and my) favourite photographic pose, reached down and frigged herself mercilessly to another shattering orgasm.

What a girl ... I still dream of my naughty little exhibitionist wanking companion. Good times.



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