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Lefty and My Brush

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Hey guys, hope you like it! Wank and wack away! Oh, and I love the guys' stories about getting off on female underwear...


I swear, sometimes it can be so difficult being a virgin. Agonizing. I don't know if something is wrong with me or if I'm just a horny young woman because I think about sex all the time! I pleasure myself daily, every week! There's not a day that goes by that I don't daydream about some attractive guy just banging me senseless, or even a guy irresistibly stroking his delicious, rock-hard prick. Seriously, guys, I just want to touch one, my first one. Caress it. Kiss it. Worship it, every warm, twitching inch of it. (I feel like the Abominable Snowman, 'I'd-pet-it, I'd-stroke-it...') Anyhow, I want it in my face...'Sigh.' It doesn't matter to some extent, what it looks like; from moderately small to outrageously big; long or short; thick or thin; black or white, whatever! Just as long as it's clean, disease-free, pulsing, and like velvet over steel. Oh, and oozing that yummy, glossy precum. Gosh...

So, it was about last week that I started experimenting with certain objects, you know, to give me a little ecstasy-inducing variety. One night (the only chance I really get to play with myself is at night), I was in bed wearing only these mostly pink, candy-striped 'boy-shorts' (Do you know what I'm talking about, boys? They're the ones that look like little shorts that we females are wearing nowadays.) As I lay on my stomach, I began to notice that my panties were riding a little into the crevice of my bottom; even the seam of them in front began to dig into my plump slit. I closed my eyes feeling this near tantalizing sensation, softly squealing. I didn't think I could get so turned-on from my own panties. (I'm not saying what size, either!) I suddenly stuck out my butt a little, and touched my pussy from behind. I then pulled harder on my panties, making the seam dig and rub further against my clit.

That's what did it. I was definately in the mood to pleasure myself now. My face pressed into my fluffy comforter as I started to rock my hips, squirming my pussy faster against my hand. The visuals flooded into my head, out of the 'Nasty-Section' of my brain's library. I thought of a guy, mostly faceless, but with a decent, manly body, and a delicious, engorged, jutting cock. And of course, he's standing near the bed, pounding away on his hungry cock watching me hump against my hand. Oh...jeez...

But that wasn't getting me off properly so I stopped.

This is where the object comes in: I suddenly remembered a cheap hair brush that I had bought from a local dollar store a few weeks earlier; the handle is a little less than four inches, pink, slightly thick and slightly ridged. I quickly pulled it out of my drawer and got back upon the bed, back on my stomach. My panties were off now. At once, I took the brush and slowly started to push it back and forth between my soft, fluffy thighs, as it simultaneously rubbed against my plump pussy lips. This was better. I was softly squealing and moaning more now, the more I drove the brush handle between my inner thighs. From behind feels so good, boys! The way the tip of the handle grazed my clit felt painfully good; I was raising my hips again now, sort of bucking against the brush. More visuals came; I imagined that the brush handle was again, a rock-hard dick frantically rubbing against my aching pussy. I wanted one so bad!

I was coming closer to my orgasm, but still, that wasn't enough. I needed more. I turned over and thought about pushing the brush into my un-popped cunt. I was wetter now, so I tried it; slowly and carefully, I pushed the handle into me, which was a little wet from rubbing it against my hungry pussy earlier. I got most of the four inches in. It wasn't bad, so I began to gently tug it back and forth while I rubbed in sweet circles on my tender clit. After a minute or two, I realized that wasn't doing it either, so I slowly pulled out the handle and put it down.

For me, nothing, until I get my first cock, which will hopefully be good, can replace 'Lefty'...My left hand, that is.

I spread my legs, wide, my right hand supporting my right leg and immediately sunk my middle finger into my tunnel. As I became more anxious, my right hand started to pinch, squeeze, and caress my parts; I fingered and tweaked my nipples, squeezed my thigh, gave my soft, warm behind a good grab. Mmmm. I always pretend that it is a guy caressing me while he plunges into me. As soon as I started to move my finger in and out, I felt that flash of pleasure deep in my abdomen. I whimpered and squeezed my eyes shut. My middle finger soon became two, pumping harder into me, and I imagining a guy's raging hard-on driving deeply into me, really jabbing me! What was actually my fingers hitting the bottom of my cervix, I imagined as his hungry cock.

I plunged them back into my wet hole a few times more, but I eventually came back to my little eager clit. As my two fingers furiously rubbed my clit, I stuck to one gratifying image in my mind. Yes, this is what takes me home, guys. I thought about another random guy sitting on the couch (Oh, my gosh, I'm getting hot just typing this!) in an open shirt, in unzipped, worn jeans fiercely jacking-off, moaning, and breathing heavy (Aaahhh!!). When he cums, so do I. I felt the orgasm swell and swell, imagining him stroke his cock quickly until he blasts his heavy load, his hips bucking and everything. There it was...My head went back and I held back a scream. My hips thrust upward as I felt the tiny prick become painfully good; like always, when I cum, I thrust my two left fingers into my pussy deeply, back and forth, as I gushed that slippery, flowing liquid; it coated my fingers well. And it actually does smell sweet! I felt so relaxed once I came hard; I smiled and tightly squeezed my thighs together.

Guys, if you can imagine, a woman's orgasm is like someone filling up a balloon with water, watching it steadily expand until it bursts. Or at least that's what it feels like for me. And even though I didn't gush as much as I did when I thought about my professor, I was still satisfied!



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