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Left the Light On

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A new roommate moved into my dorm room last September. Until January we were pretty distant but respectful of each other. We never joked around or socialized except for going to lunch some few times. He is 19 and pretty ordinary looking and studies and writes most of the time so we had little conversation. I go out with my friends a lot but he doesn't have many and is usually in the library or the room.

I never thought much about what his sexuality was, even though I heard him jerking off in bed in the middle of the night, and sometimes looked over to see what little I could in the dark, which was only a silhouette. On occasion that would make me want to do it as well and I would start. So both of our beds would squeak some and I knew he could hear and that gave me better cum shots to know that we were both doing it at the same time. We never spoke about it.

Just a few weeks ago we went to bed as usual and neither of us shut off the closet light and the door to it was open. It was cold and neither one of us wanted to get up to turn it off. He said to me, 'Why don't you turn off the light?' Me, annoyed and being more smart-ass with him than I usually was, I said back, 'Why don't you jerk me off?' Well he got right out of bed, shut off the light, and came over to my bed and put his hand on top of the covers where my crotch was. I instinctively pulled away and started to laugh like I was being tickled. But he didn't stop, pulled back the covers, and fought against my resistance.

We wrestled around for a while and finally I relaxed a bit and let him 'win' by getting a good hold of my crotch. I laid there and let it feel good while we both relaxed in that position for a while. Then he pulled up the cover as it was cold, and put his hand inside my boxers and felt up my balls and dick. I was totally hard then and shaking and trembling all over because I was kind of scared, nothing like this ever happened to me and it was feeling really great. I didn't have much time to enjoy it because I started to shoot cum all over myself and the covers as well as his hand.

I'll just finish up by saying he stayed in the bed with me long enough for a second round which was more relaxed but just as wet. A lot more happened and is still happening and I'll maybe get to that on another day. But it sure changed things between us forever.



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