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Lee's Mom

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Now I'm hooked on Older Women.


Fantastic site! A couple of years ago I had an experience that gave me a whole new perspective on how I look at older women.
I went over to my friend's house to hang out, when I got there his mom answered the door in her swimsuit. She told me Lee wasn't there, but she figured he'd be home soon. She asked me if I wanted come in and wait for him. She told me she was going to work on her tan and invited me to come out and take a dip in the pool. I didn't have my swim trunks with me but I thought I'd stick around and wait any way.
I followed her to the back yard, threw of my t-shirt and made myself comfortable on a lounge chair, while she stretched out on a towel she had placed on the deck. I always thought she was a good looking lady, but being a 17 year old and since this was my best friend's mom, I never really thought about her much. As she laid down I got a great shot of her ass and thought to myself 'not bad!' I figured she couldn't see me staring at her since I had my sun glasses on, so I continued checking her out. The swimsuit she was wearing was a one piece, but it was super sexy. It was bright white, cut really high on her hips and cut way low on her back and showed lots of cleavage. She has long shiny black hair that reached all the way down her back. She is kind of tall with great pair of tits and a sexy ass for a woman in her early to mid-thirties. I know she plays tennis all the time, so she's in pretty good shape.
She laid face down with her head away from me, her legs were slightly parted and I had a great view of her ass. The more I watched the hornier I got. I soon was sporting a grand woody. I was only wearing some loose gym shorts. I tried to conceal it but I had nothing but my hands. I thought about grabbing my shirt but that would be a little obvious so I did the best I could. I didn't think I could control myself and was about ready to excuse myself to the bathroom for a much need jerk-off when the telephone rang. She flipped over, got up and ran in the house. While she was on the phone I managed to calm myself down somewhat and situate my dick were it wasn't in such an obvious state of exposure. I placed the head of my dick kind of under the wide band at the top, which helped hold it down.
She came back out carrying a book, however this time she went to her back. She raised her knees and spread her feet and legs again. My eyes fixed on her crotch and I was treated with a wonderful sight. The edge of her suit had slipped into her ass crack and close to her pussy on one side and it was obvious she shaved. Since she was reading I thought I could just enjoy the site. She began to waving her knees in and out, giving me a great shot.
Suddenly, I came out of my trance as she looks over the book and tells me, 'oh yeah, that was Rich on the phone, he said he wouldn't be home until later tonight.' Damn, now I figured I'd have to go. She was still looking at me, with a kind of weird smile. Then I noticed she wasn't at my face, she was staring at my crotch. I looked down and the head of my dick had managed to push its way above my waist band. Boy was I embarrassed, I grabbed my shorts and hiked them up and was about to have a heart attack and die when she says, 'Did I do that?' All I could manage was a nod. Then she tells me she didn't think she could do that to young man any more. I just turned red and felt like running off. Then she asked me if my girl friend ever made me that hard. I told her I didn't have a girl friend; that I was to shy around girls. Then she floors me, she asks me if I masturbate? I started to deny it, when she says she knows Lee and I have a stash of magazines hidden in the attic and she's washed the sticky towels after our sleepovers. Now, I'm really embarrassed, I start to get up to leave and she say, 'I'm just teasing you, just relax.'
By now my hard-on had started to subside and she asks me what I like best about her body. I quietly muttered that she has a great ass. She says, 'I thought all young guys thought about, were tits.' I told her I like tits, but asses and long legs were my favorite. She stood up and started walking around me like she was modeling. I began to loosen up enjoying the show and I think she enjoyed doing it, because I noticed her nipples were getting hard under her swimsuit. Well, the show was working, my hard-on returned and I was pushing up a pretty good tent in my shorts. She asked me if I'd, like to see more. What kind of a question is that? Of course I wanted to see more, but what was she willing to show me? I nodded again, and she proceeded to pull her top down to her waist. She grabbed her tanning lotion and began to rub it all over her chest, kneading it into her tits and squeezing her nipples. Well I couldn't take it any longer I reached into my shorts and started slowly stroking my dick.
Then she turns away from me and slowly pulls the swimsuit down, bent over, straight legged and stops. Oh, what a site! Better than any pose in any magazine. Then she kicks the suit of her feet and turns back towards me and I see that she has her pussy shaved all except a little triangle pointing down at her pussy. Now I'm really stroking and she tells me, 'To slow down if I want to see the whole show.' I eased up, but I told her I didn't know how long I could hold off. She grabs the suntan lotion again and begins to work it into her ass, spreading her legs and rubbing deep into her crotch. She walks over to me steps over the lounge chair with one leg and starts grinding her hips. She asks me if I've ever seen a pussy up close. I shook my head no and she grabbed her pussy lips and pulled them apart. She must have been horny too, because she was really wet. I told her I was getting ready to cum and she said okay but let me give you a hand.
She steps back from over me, turns and steps back over me again, this time with her ass towards me. She slides my shorts down grabs my dick, the suntan lotion and lubes me up. Well, needless to say, I came. I came so hard the back of my neck was tingling. I shot cum all over the place, her chest was covered. But she didn't stop; she just kept stroking my dick. I couldn't take it, I told her I needed a break and she said okay but let me show you how I masturbate.
Still straddling, me she spread her pussy lips apart with her forefinger and middle finger, then with her free hand begins sliding her fingers at the top of her pussy, not in her pussy. She concentrates on this one spot, humming or softly moaning the whole time. I figured what the hell and I push one of my fingers into her open pussy, man was she wet. She kind of squeals and I figure I'm doing alright, so I slide another finger in and then a third. She starts shaking and pushing hard against my fingers, then with a deep moan she gives out setting right down on my chest. She whispers under her breath, 'That was fantastic!'
Of course with all this, I'm hard again. So, with her slick finger she starts stroking my dick again. She tells me that I can't tell anybody about what we've done, all while jacking me off. She says she'll show me more if I keep this our secret. What kind of fool would I be to not agree with those conditions, of course I agreed. And she stroked me to another massive orgasm.



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