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Leaving the Evidence Behind

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I keep hoping my female employees will find the semen-soaked tissues that I've left in my waste can.


Over the last few years as life at my house has gotten busier with a growing family, I've found less and less time when I have the house to myself. It's been increasingly difficult to find time for good, relaxing masturbation sessions lately and since I having been stroking my penis on average about 8-10 times a week for almost 40 years now, this has been very tough on me. About the only times I've been able to pleasure myself at home recently has been the occasional quickie in the bathroom, shower or after everyone has gone to sleep. I can never find time for the long, slow, satisfying masturbation sessions that I was always used to.

During the spring, summer and fall when my kids are involved with baseball, soccer and football I have even less time to be by myself and often end up leaving work early just to make games. However once the winter rolls around my kids sporting events come to a screeching halt and I often find myself staying late at the office to get work done. I own a small company that employs four women in the office and one man in the warehouse. When 5:00 rolls around everyone packs up and goes home for the day I'm left with the office to myself. Since I'm not expected home right away I've been using this alone time to masturbate.

As soon as my last employee leaves the office, I wait about five minutes or so just to make sure they won't return for a forgotten phone, jacket, etc. I had a close call about a month ago when one of the ladies returned unexpectedly and I learned my lesson. My office is close enough to the front (and only) door that I can easily hear someone coming into the building, yet far enough away that I know I have about 20 seconds to zip up, and close down any porn that may be on my computer.

My routine is fairly simple. Once I am certain I have the place to myself, I open my favorite porn site and pull up a few good videos. Then I grab some tissues and get them within close reach. I've always produced ridiculously huge loads of semen that shoot both powerfully and extremely far so I can't risk ejaculating without them handy. Usually just this masturbatory preparation gets me extremely excited and by the time I unzip my pants and pull out my penis it is usually rock hard. I'll then concentrate on the porn and start slowly stroking myself. If I have the time, I will edge for a while and may not ejaculate for an hour or so. If I'm in a hurry it can be as short as five or 10 minutes. On some occasions I've ventured out into the outer office area where my employees desks are with my hard-on sticking straight out of my pants. It's fun to walk around stroking myself in the same area where only a short time earlier, women were talking, running back and forth, answering phones etc. A few weeks ago one of the more attractive ladies left a sweater in her cubicle and I amused myself by sticking my cock up the sleeve and rubbing up and down inside it. I came very close to cumming, but was able to stop all action in time to prevent a serious mess from occurring. A few days later she left the sweater behind again and a close examination of it revealed some traces of precum on the inside of the sleeve. That turned me on so much that I repeated the process and once again came close to ruining it!

For the most part though, I just stay in my office and masturbate in my chair while watching porn. I like to be pretty vocal and enjoy being able to moan and talk dirty while I stroke myself. When it's finally time to blast my load I'll do one of two things. Usually I'll just remain seated when I cum and grab some of the tissues I've set aside and blow my nut into them, moaning and grunting in pleasure with each shot. This is the safest method and it involves the least amount of clean up. Sometimes to mix it up a little bit, just before my orgasm hits me I'll stand up. This creates an intense orgasm that really feels great. The problem with this method is that sometimes the orgasm is so overwhelming that I'm not able to properly get the tissues over my dick and I've ended up shooting all over my computer screen and way over the front of my desk and onto a couple of chairs that are for visitors. Whoops! Because I ejaculate so much semen, often I blast about 10 or 12 good healthy squirts which causes one heck of a mess. The streams of semen all over the desk, screen and chairs would be a little tough to explain if someone were to come back into the building and walk into my office!

After I'm done ejaculating, I'll usually sit at my desk while I calm down from my orgasm. I always have to keep some fresh tissues wrapped around my penis because I always keep leaking fluids for about five minutes afterwards. Zipping up and leaving too quickly could cause me to arrive home with a nasty stain on the front of my pants which is a little hard to explain to the wife. Because my loads are so huge, when I'm done wiping and soaking up my mess, I'm left with a squishy ball of tissues that is about the size of a tennis ball. Until recently I would just hustle this cum ball down to the restroom and flush it down the toilet. But recently I've started leaving my masturbatory evidence right in my waste can for others to see. Normally I don't imagine people going through my trash, but every other day or so, one of the girls (they take turns) will empty all of the trash cans in the office and they will always stop in my office and ask if I need mine emptied. I always make it a point to leave a cum ball or two on the very top (or however many I have available) where it is obvious to see. I've sniffed them and they really do smell heavily of my semen so if any of the ladies have ever been curious enough about this large wadded up ball to sniff it, there would be no doubt in their mind as to what was inside. It does make for an unusual looking little ball and I truly hope that at least one of them has been curious enough to investigate once they are out of my sight.

The weird thing is that although I would be horrified and embarrassed to have any of these ladies actually see me sitting there with my dick in my hand, I actually find it very exciting to think of them finding my used, squishy, semen-smelling tissues and have them know I've been masturbating.



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