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Learning With My Buddies

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Best way to start out


It was about the time that most boys learn to jack off and to tell you the truth, not many of us in our group of friends had been told about the 'guy' part and what to expect.

I remember it was the middle of June on a weekend just before school was to break for the summer. A bunch of us were excited about sleeping out in my friend Bruce's camp for the night. I think most of us were around eleven to fourteen, and the camp really was a large shed that Bruce's dad had built for us to hang out in.

The excitement was because we were going to be able to stay up all night and go out and roam the streets under the cover of darkness once the parents had checked on us.

After Bruce's mom came up to check on us and we saw that his parent's bedroom light went out, we all set out for some mischief. The cool crisp June night air set off an internal excitement that went through each of us. We scurried like little commandos through our neighbourhood and spied through windows and ran amok through the streets. At one point we were going around the local park only to see two lovers going at it next to the flag pole. We all giggled and snuck up as close as we could to see what they were doing.

For most of us we knew they were 'fucking' because we had seen most of our older brothers making the motions with their hips when they told stories to each other. For us, it was a discovery in the flesh. None of us knew too much about what really was taking place and very soon the guy who happened to be on top, finished and stood up. At that time he took something off of his cock, which we hadn't expected to see, and tossed it away. At that point he spotted a couple of us and started yelling at us so we all ran for the back yards and over fences, not bothering to see if we were really being chased.

Somehow we all ended up back at the 'camp' about the same time and were high on the experience. One of the older boys told us that the guy was just getting rid of his 'rubber' and then told us about having seen his brother jack off with one on. At that point he pointed to his major hard-on saying how he wished he was the one on the girl. With this he pulls out his very hard short fat cut cock.

The rest of us never really had jacked off before so we watched and then started to copy. Since we had hammocks and sleeping bags set up for the night we all took our respective sleeping sites and settled in for a mutual jacking session. The candles were lit so we could all tell our stories about seeing people in our families jacking off. I had never seen my brothers jacking off so I just listened and started to stroke my cock. After a few tugs, I got harder than I ever remember and my friend Jerry pointed out that I had the biggest cock but that mine looked different. I was uncut.

With this everyone got together and compared their sizes, the hair we had stared to grow, everything. After a few more minutes each of us started to cum. The whole place had cum all over the floor. Of the seven of us, I think there was only one guy who couldn't shoot a load. Not bad for most of our first tries.

After that we had a few sessions with only one or two of us in the camp but that was a hell of a way to know that we are normal and that it is a great feeling the first time.



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