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Learning With Lori

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69 is a great number !


Back in the late 70’s I was 14 . During the CB radio craze of that decade I managed to save enough money to buy a CB radio of my very own.

There was this woman (so I thought) who had the sexiest voice that you could imagine whom I used to jabber with endlessly, sometimes so late that my parents would have to come down the hall and tell me to get into bed. I used to look forward to chatting with her everyday.

During one of our marathon conversations I found out where she lived (turns out just a few blocks from my home).

To make a long story short, we made plans to meet up. I rode my bike over to her house.

I was blown away. Turns out this “woman” wasn’t as old as I thought she was. Lori (not her real name) was just 16 years old and as I subsequently found out, we went to the same highschool.

Lori was not exactly what one would classify as skinny, she was a solid girl, pretty face and unlike many of the other women you hear about on this site she didn’t have 38 DDD tits. Hers came in at a respectable 36 C (nice). Pink bubblegum lip gloss and her perfume was intoxicating to a kid my age.

We got to the point of kissing during the summer with not much else. I was inexperienced and fumbly. This was my first real girlfriend. I thought if this is all we do fine, I really like this girl. Finally one day I got up the courage to feel her boob on the outside of her tube top while we were kissing in her basement. I managed to pull her top down and there they were , two of the most beautiful globes of flesh than I had ever seen. I started kissing her neck down to her chest and at that point she stopped me. She asked “Why are you using me ? I was devastated. This was the girl that I planned on spending the rest of my life with (according to my young horny 14 year old brain). I thought that was it. She acted coolly to me over the next few days. But alas luckily for me, things took a turn for the better.

The following weekend, her parents went out to dinner on a Saturday night. This left us alone for 5 hours. We started our customary kissing and then we started play wrestling and I made some threat that if she didn’t stop tickling me, I would put my hand down her pants. She persisted and I stuck my hand down inside her shorts (which were that stretch terry type of material (a style in the 70’s).

She didn’t resist. We started kissing and my hand crept inside the elastic band of her panties. I couldn’t believe what I felt. She was incredibly wet. She started moaning. Not knowing enough to rub her clit (what was a clit), I fingered her. She let me take her shorts and panties down to her knees.

I smelled my fingers as I was pretending to rub my nose. Her scent was intoxicating.

I sucked her boobs as she slowly undid the belt buckle on my cutoffs and slid the zipper down. She rubbed my cock through my underwear and slowly pulled my pants to my knees. I think my dick was only about 5 inches then but it was a respectable size for my age. It only took her a few strokes and I came everywhere and when I say everywhere I mean (I’m telling the truth) I hit a lamp 3 feet behind on a table beside the couch. First time being touched down there by a girl.

Summer was coming to a close. The school year started and we continued dating. Petting and masturbating each other was great (at every available opportunity) but the inevitable question was, when would we take things further ?(we eventually did things outside of the topic range of this site).

We were laying on her bed one night (parents went out just about every Saturday night). She asked with a mischievous look “What do you think we should try tonight ?”. I had heard about the 69 position from my friends and had brought that up jokingly in the past. I thought I’d try it on tonight again, expecting a big no. I was surprised when she said “Okay let’s go—if that’s what you really want”.

We slowly got into position and unbuckled each other’s pants and slowly assisted the other in their removal. I started licking her tits kissing down to her belly button and further south to the promised land. I finally reached her pussy and inhaled (I thought I was dreaming). She was so wet. I licked lightly and then stuck my tongue in. All the while she was moaning and moving her hips. I moved my hand to the cleft of her bum and I got an emphatic STOP IT ! I knew I should just be content with what 95% of my buddies hadn’t experienced up to that point in their lives.

Lori licked my balls (she seemed to like them). She licked my cock then took it into her mouth. The more I licked her pussy, the more she moaned and went down further on my cock. In reality it only took about a 45 seconds for me to explode in her mouth (when we 69’d after that she insisted that I should tell her when it was time so she could finish me by jerking me off).

I couldn’t get enough of that beautiful smelling pussy and those big tits.

I loved Saturday nights. We’d start off by watching TV on the couch (after her parents left). We would lay down, one of our heads at one end and the other at the other end facing the TV. We would slowly inch our way towards each other so my head would be resting on her hip (still facing the TV. I’d slowly start play grabbing her boobs and she would play grab my crotch. Wrestling would eventually lead to kissing and kissing would eventually lead to petting then the beloved 69. There was nothing like sliding her panties down and sticking my face in that wet heat of her pussy (girls didn’t shave it like they do today). She would do oral on me until I gave her the sign then she would move my cock between her beautiful mounds and let it explode. I knew every inch of her body by the end of that school year.

As I said we did do other unnamed things which I can’t go into but in my opinion, there was nothing more exciting than mutual masturbation with Lori. Unfortunately, people change and we broke up. We both married other people but I still have my secret memories of Lori. I wonder if she ever thinks back to those days. I certainly do.



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