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Learning With Jane

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I know this is long, but everything described actually happened.


My story starts in the early 1970's when I was taking freshman biology in the local community college.

I noticed Jane the first day of class and as the classes went by I became infatuated with her. Jane had shoulder length blonde hair and the biggest hazel eyes and a smile and laugh that would light up a room. She was what is now called curvy, not overweight just what some would describe as a few extra pounds.

Jane became for me the subject of many a masturbation fantasy. I would lie in my bed at night naked with a throbbing erection and stroke myself while imagining what her breasts looked like. She was probably a 38D and I would rub my finger slowly up and down my hard penis imagining it was one of her nipples. I had in my mind the vision of that blonde hair and big nipples that would get hard as she moved her tits over my bare chest and hard penis.

Then the day came that we were supposed to do a biology project together and were told to choose a partner we would like to work with. I wanted to approach Jane, but she came over to me first and asked if I would be her partner. She had a mischievous grin when I stammered 'yes, of course'.

We decided to meet the next day which was a Saturday at her house as she said her parents and family were gone for the weekend and we would have the house to ourselves without being disturbed by her family.

Saturday morning arrived and I was at her house early. I rang the doorbell and after a few moments she came to the door obviously just awakened. She was in a white tee shirt which covered her to her knees. Her hair all tousled and very much caught off guard not knowing it was me. She smiled that smile that always made my heart race and she said come on in. She went upstairs to get dressed and when she came down she had on a tight tee shirt that made her tits look even bigger and cut off jeans and sneakers. I had never seen her like that and I immediately started getting a hard on.

Jane had to have noticed and she turned a little red as she told me to sit down and we could discuss our project. We sat on the sofa and she said 'before we get started, I have to tell you something. I noticed you the first day of class and I know you were checking me out also'. Then she giggled and said, 'I have seen your crotch bulging sometimes when I would smile at you. It makes me really wet to know that I do that to you'. My heart really started racing and I felt a throbbing in my ears in reaction to her words.

She then said, 'David, I have another confession. I lay in bed a lot and imagine your dick all hard in my hand. When I imagine that, I also finger my pussy and wish it were your fingers inside me.'

I stammered my confession about masturbating to the image of her tits on my cock. Jane then stood up and took off her tee shirt and stood there in her bra. 'Well, David, are you just going to sit there with a dumb look on your face or are you going to follow my lead'. I immediately got up slowly as my penis was bulging in my pants in anticipation of my fantasies coming true. I took off my tee shirt and Jane moved closer and stroked my bare chest. She then unhooked her bra and my fantasy came true. Her nipples were pink and big and I reached out to touch her breasts and cup them in my hands. Jane gasped in reaction and her nipples quickly became hard as I rolled them between my fingers. Her head went back in ecstasy and she said 'Oh David, I have wanted this for so long'. She then said 'take off your pants I want to see your cock'. I immediately obliged and dropped my pants. My hard cock made a tent out of my boxers. Jane pulled my boxers down and let out a gasp when she saw my throbbing penis. 'It is so big', she said. Although I am only average at six inches, I was flattered that she was amazed. Maybe the sight of her tits and her standing before me in her tight cut offs and sneakers made it harder than it ever has been and looked big to her. Or maybe she just said that to any guy lucky enough to be in my position.

She said, 'we can only play and nothing else right now, I am at my most fertile and I don't want to risk getting pregnant'. I agreed and she pushed me back down on the sofa.

Jane began to rub her tits and nipples up and down the underside of my cock. Pre-cum began to ooze from the tip and she put some on her finger and used it to lubricate my penis which kept surging and throbbing. Jane cupped my balls with her hand and played gently with them, still stroking my cock. 'cum for me', she said, 'shoot your hot cum all over my tits. I want you to show me how I turn you on'. My hands cupped her tits and I could not hold back any more. I came with about six or seven strong spurts of cum which landed all over her tits. Jane smiled and said, 'I think I turn you on. Do you know what that does to a woman? It gets her dripping wet'. She stood up and unbuttoned her cut-offs and kicked them off. Jane then slid her panties down slowly to reveal her blonde pubic hair then pushed them all the way down to show me her vulva. She motioned for me to get off the sofa and she led me up to her bed. She was totally naked now except for her sneakers which she did not seem to notice. Actually it made her look sexier and my young cock began to stiffen again.

Jane got on her bed and spread her legs apart to show me her pussy. 'Since we are doing a biology project let me teach you about my pussy.' I grinned and she began.

'See, this is my vulva,' she purred, and these are my outer lips', parting them she continued, 'and these are my inner lips. This is my clit and I love it played with, will you play with my pussy David?'

I began to finger her clit and was amazed at how wet she was. Her juices had an odour that made me even harder. Her juices were visible and as I stroked her clit, her juices began to drip down her and on to the bed. 'Put your fingers inside me please' she moaned. I kept playing with her clit which now stood out from under it's hood and I slipped my fingers into her vagina and moved them in and out like I wished my cock could do. She arched her hips off the mattress and started trying to get my fingers deeper in her. She bucked her hips and her eyes rolled back in her head as she let out a moan followed by screams of pleasure. She began to relax and she opened her eyes after a few moments and said, 'Oh that was fantastic. I think you and I will make great partners'.

We did make great partners and we masturbated for many months until my cock replaced my fingers inside her. But those are stories for for another site. One final note, we got married after college and still enjoy masturbating each other.



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