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Learning With Big Sis

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Hot, muggy nights like this often remind me of summers when I was 14 and my sister was 16.
One such night I remember well. I was watching late night TV with my parents both in bed. The windows were all open because it was so hot and humid and I was watching TV in nothing but my underwear.
I didn't think anyone was awake in the house when I decided to go to bed, so I quietly turned off the lights and the TV and headed in to my bedroom.
To get to my bedroom, I have to pass my sister's bedroom. When I did, I noticed the light was on, the door was only open a crack, and when I peeked in, she was brushing her long, light brown hair. She was wearing nothing but cotton panties on her thin frame and a t-shirt that was a little too small and showed her flat tummy and delicate navel.
She saw me peeking in and said, 'Hi.'
'Hi,' I said. 'I thought you'd be in bed. What are you doing?'
'Just putting my hair in a pony tail, because it's so hot,' she said.
'Oh,' I said and figured I'd go off to bed.
'What are you doing?' she asked.
'Just watched some TV.'
'Mmmm,' she said. She went and sat down on her bed and said, 'I don't think I'll go to bed for awhile. Can't sleep anyway.'
I was noticing my sister's athletic legs in the light (we both ran cross-country), and for some reason, they were looking very shapely, smooth and enticing to me.
I stood there, wanting to go into her room, but feeling awkward. We'd always been close friends, but there was something in the air that was new to me. I finally got the courage to go in her room and walk over to her bed. I sat down next to her.
'What you gonna do if you don't go to bed?' I said.
'I don't know. Maybe we can talk,' she suggested. 'If we do, we'll have to keep it quiet so we don't wake Mom and Dad up.'
Their bedroom was just down the hall a ways from hers.
'What you want to talk about?' I said.
She started talking about friends at school and stuff and some of my friends who she and her friends thought were cute. I thought that was kind of weird, since they were younger than her friends, but also kind of cool.
Then she said a couple of her friends also thought I was cute. That got my sort of hard cock really coming alive in those briefs of mine.
So she was going on and on about friends at school and then started flexing her neck around.
'I've got a stiff neck,' she said. 'Would you mind rubbing it?'
I didn't mind at all, so I started rubbing her neck as she lied down on her stomach.
As she talked, I rubbed. As her neck started to loosen up, I moved down to her shoulders. She whispered more about friends, and I slowly moved down to her back, my heart pounding in my chest.
Her talking became slower and quieter as I moved down to the small of her back. I rubbed that for a long time, because I didn't want to arouse suspicion.
When I got up the courage, I slid a finger gently under the waistband of her panties and traced back and forth a couple times. I almost chickened out and started on her back again, but then carefully put a finger in the panty band again and then kept it there. I softly traced my finger down the crack of her firm, round ass and then put my other hand so each hand could massage a buttock.
Her speaking was becoming very breathy, and I worked on her butt for a while before taking the next step. I slipped my middle finger down far enough to feel some soft pubic hairs.
She let out a big sigh and I took that as a sign of encouragement. My fingers inched down the sides of her lips and traced up and down in the crack, which I could feel becoming warmer and more slippery.
I was still trembling and I slowly, let a finger slide inside. It was so warm, and offered no resistance, while I let it slip in without force.
She raised her hips and I slid the panties down off her legs. She asked my to slip one foot back in and let it dangle at her ankle so she could find it later.
I didn't know that much about a woman, so first, she guided my fingers to rub up and down on the lips and the smooth, wet vulva. After a while of that, she guided my finger down to her clit. I gently rubbed that until she said, 'Let me turn over, so you can get to it better.'
She turned around and I went at her from the front, sliding my finger back and forth between the vulva and clit, trading attention of the two, as she told me to. What my hand was doing was making her pubic hair extremely moist and steamy.
Instead of sitting next to her, I kneeled on the floor.
While my hand played with her clit and my cock made a tent of my underwear, just throbbing to be touched, I lifted up her t-shirt and slipped a warm, soft, slightly sweaty nipple in my mouth.
She moaned, but then tenderly pushed my head away.
'That's too much like we're lovers,' she said.
I was a bit disappointed, and said, awkwardly, 'Well, can I eat you out?'
She thought for a moment.
'I don't know,...' she said.
'Here, let me just try it for a minute,' I said. 'Otherwise I won't know what to do when I finally get the chance to do this with another girl.'
'Well, all right,' she said.
I positioned my head between her thighs and drank in the sweet aroma of her steamy, damp cunt and the moisture it was leaving in the soft hairs. I parted the hairs and kissed it. My tongue probed it as all my senses were engulfed in this beautiful cunt.
Fortunately, she let me stay there for a nice, long time. I explored her lips, the smell, flickered my tongue on her clit and sucked it gently between my teeth. When her breathing got heavier and her legs began tensing and loosening, I stayed on the clit and flickered my tongue faster. I was recognizing the reactions in her body that I get when I'm about to cum. I pressed my face firmly against her sweet cunt and she grabbed my head and clenched tightly on it with her thighs.
She whispered her moans, but they were intense. She bucked and heaved and held my head there for several luscious moments.
Then she gradually loosened and slowly put her legs down and lightly pushed my head away.
'Thank you,' she whispered, with a smile.
After that, she pulled up her panties and asked what she could do for me. She didn't want to suck my dick, but she did agree to spit on her hands and give me a nice, sloppy, wet handjob. My cum spurted onto her pretty, sweat beaded forehead and then oozed over her hands. She smelled it and said it smells like chicken soup.
I wiped up and we kissed each other lightly on the lips and I went to bed.
I was a little disappointed that she wouldn't suck me, but it didn't matter that much. To this day, it's more important for me to eat a woman than for her to suck me. It's my greatest expression of my sexuality and my sister helped me to realize that.



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