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Learning What to Do

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My parents were divorced when I was ten. After that I lived with my mother. About a year latter a couple of my friends from school, Dwayne and Mike, came over after school to spend a Friday night with me. Late in the evening the two boys started whispering to each other. Dwayne said to Mike it's ok let's show him, he's showed me his dick before. Mike reached into his bag and pulled out a small electric vibrator. Mike said that it was his sister's and that if you put it on your dick it would make you feel real good. I said that my mom had one of those but it went on the back of her hand and she would use it to relax my back and neck every ounce and a while. Dwayne said let's show him and pulled off his pants and shorts. Mike did the same and plugged the vibrator into the wall outlet. Dwayne told me to go ahead and take off my pants too. I did, but did not understand what the big thing was going to be. Mike turned the vibrator on and rubbed it around his hairless crotch. He got very hard and after a while he started to shake and got a funny look on his face. He passed the vibrator to Dwayne who did the same thing. Dwayne then told me to lie back and spread my legs. He then ran the vibrator rover my dick and balls for a few minutes, but I was not thrilled with the sensations and told him that I just wanted to go to sleep.
The next morning I woke up with a raging boner and did not understand why. Dwayne and Mike went home about 8:00 that morning. I went back to my room and just started playing with my dick. I did not know what I was doing, but knew that it felt good. After a few minutes I was struck with what I now know was my first orgasm. I did not shoot anything but I just about blacked out.
Later that day my mother asked me if we had been playing with her vibrator the night before. I said no, Mike brought his sister's and showed us how she used it. My mother just said ok. That evening when I went to bed I heard her vibrator running behind her bedroom door. The next morning at breakfast she said, I need to tell you that men insert their penises into women to make babies. I really did not understand what she was talking about. So I nodded my head.
On Monday night she called me into her bedroom and asked me to lie down on her bed. She pulled out her vibrator and said let me give you a massage. As usual she ran her hand up and down my back, along my neck, and over my scalp adding finger pressure to the intense vibrations of the big old Oster massager. She then asked me to turn over on to my back and ran the machine over my chest and belly for a while. By this time I had quite a boner and my pajamas appeared to stick straight up. Next she ran the vibrator down to my thighs and she would brush my erection when she ran from the left and right legs. I was completely relaxed and had a raging hard on. She then quietly unsnapped my pajamas and started running her vibrator backed hand all over my genitals. I could not believe how good it felt and after a short time I tensed up and had the same feeling as two days before. After my orgasm subsided she turned of the vibrator and handed me a sex education book for teens. She said most men can do that with their hands but it's ok if you want to use my vibrator, just do it in private and put it back when you are done.
Over the following years I would occasionally come home from school and find a new tube of KY jelly and Playboy magazines on my bed with a note saying do it in private. I loved my mom for that, but it was always special to go into her room quietly get her vibrator use it on myself and put it back. One afternoon that old vibrator brought me three orgasms in one hour. I was numb for two days after that.



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