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Learning Together

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I had a best friend back in school. We used to have so much fun together. I can't imagine what my life would have been like without him. During sleepovers we would get ourselves into all sorts of mischief and usually go running through the woods to avoid being caught.

As we would rest on his bedroom floor late at night, we would talk about all the normal guy things. One night we started talking about our penises. He asked if he could see mine... and reluctantly I said, 'I guess.' I already had an erection from the excitement of just talking about penises. When he saw it, he laughed, joking about how much it pointed up. Then he wanted to touch it.

I wasn't sure, but decided I'd be okay with touching him with it. I rubbed my penis all over his bare chest. I could feel it pulsate as it became even harder. Then I moved around to his back. I moved up and down, which felt very good as I pressed more of my body up against his. He liked the way it felt and asked me to do it some more. After several minutes of rubbing my erect penis over his body, I sat down on the floor next to him. 'I wanna try,' he said.

I took off my shirt, my pants were already off. He pulled off his pajama bottoms revealing his red and swollen penis. I had never seen a penis so red, but he was pretty pale. His penis stuck straight out. He moved in toward my body. He slowly worked his penis all over my chest and back, trying to equal the amount of rubbing time I had given him. He then did the unexpected.

He moved back to my front and we both knelt on the floor. He began to rub his penis against mine. As my tan penis stood up, his red penis stuck out. I pulled mine down to match his angle. We rubbed our penises together for what felt like hours. We would stop anytime we thought we heard his mom or sister. As the night wore on, we tried all sorts of positions. At one point he was lying face down as I ran my penis up and down his butt crack. He tried the same on me. We were both too afraid to penetrate or touch the other one's penis. We continued rubbing our penises together.

I later pushed the head of my penis up against his scrotum. The warmth radiating from his body was almost too much. We eventually pressed our bodies together and kept rubbing our penises together.

I remember the feeling of him squeezing my body as sperm shot out of his penis. There was no space between us so it just stayed there as our bodies gyrated together. I started to cum. He wanted to see it so he pulled away a bit. It spurted up onto his chest. We held onto one another for a couple of minutes and could feel the warmth coming off of our bodies.

We used an old tee shirt to wipe ourselves off. Embarassed by being naked in front of each other, we quickly put our pajamas back on. It was only a matter of a couple of hours before we had them off again and were rubbing our penises together again. We did that several more times until we both became too embarassed to talk about it or do it again.

Though we see each other from time to time now, we never talk about our experiences together. We have both moved on to new sexual adventures. Sometimes, when I lie in bed at night, I can still imagine the warmth of his red penis rubbing against mine.



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