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Learning To Solo

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I didn't experience the thrill of masturbation until I was fifteen. That likely makes me a latecomer to solo sex. My parents didn't discuss the subject and I never asked them anything about it. In public school there were the usual 'family life' classes that were supposed to cover all matters sexual. I couldn't figure out the details of what 'masturbation' was or why you would do it-the explanation given in the videos didn't say that it produced the most exquisite pleasure possible. And of course, the school videos didn't include any visual demonstrations that showed how to do it, heaven forbid! Sometimes the guys made those familiar stroking motions with their fists but I guess I was afraid to look stupid by asking anyone about the specifics. I often got hard-ons and it was nice to touch the underside of my cock (especially the frenulum area under the head) but that didn't produce any real results, likely because I didn't stick to it long enough.

It took me a long time to get it all together. I started having wet dreams after my twelfth birthday. Once or twice a month I would wake up with cum in my boxers. The first time it happened, I thought I had peed in my sleep. I went to the bathroom and found that my cock and boxers were all sticky so I knew I had started to produce cum. There were never erotic dreams or anything pleasurable but the wetness in my boxers would wake me up after the cum spilled out in my sleep.

I'm circumcised very tight so there isn't much loose skin on my cock. Stroking dry is uncomfortable so I didn't get very far with that. I learned somewhere that you could force cum out of your cock if you masturbated (like in a wet dream) but I was blissfully ignorant of the exquisite pleasure that accompanied it. It took another three years before I actually learned to jack off.

I was very shy about my 'equipment' back then. I've always had a short, thick cock. It sprouted real fast after I turned 12. I know it was thick back then because I once tried to fit my SOFT cock into a toilet paper roll and it wouldn't go in. In seventh grade, my soft cock hung about 3 1/2 inches long and about 2 inches thick. So that made it look really short and fat. It didn't really change a lot when it got hard. It became thicker but not much longer-maybe 4 inches long. My balls were big too-not sure how big but they hung quite low in my sack.

During my junior and senior high school years I did competitive swimming. We all wore 'Speedos' so everyone had a bulge in front. When I swam in the pool, my cock and balls would pull way back into my groin because of the cool water. Just the round head of my fat cock showed through my swim suit. It looked like I was hiding a tennis ball in front. In the change room I was known as 'Stubbie'. I knew my cock size was odd and felt very shy about it until I started dating. It turns out that girls were quite happy with it the way it was.

(Quick aside-I'm 30. My cock stopped growing by the time I was sixteen or seventeen. Today my hard-on measures 5 1/4 inches long-if I push out. It's just under 2 1/2 inches thick through-that's right, it's measures 7 inches around but only 5 1/4 inches long. I'm no longer shy about what it looks like though. I figure you got what you got so don't sweat it. And besides, it works just fine.)

My first masturbation happened by accident when I was 15. I was having trouble falling asleep one night and my thoughts naturally turned to sex. I'd never experienced orgasm but the hormones must have been working overtime because I had a hard-on that wouldn't go away. For no particular reason I rolled over onto my belly and began rubbing my hard cock against the bed through my boxers. I had done that before because it felt nice on the under side of my cock but nothing special ever happened-I never did it long enough for the gears to kick in. But this time I couldn't fall asleep and I kept on rubbing against the mattress and squirming around the bed on my belly.

It started to feel nicer than usual so I wiggled out of my boxers and continued pumping against the bed sheet. The nice feelings got stronger as I started down that wonderful road to cock-paradise. Soon intense sensations were building up in my cock and balls like I had never experienced before. I continued thrusting hard against the mattress, unable to stop myself from going faster. Everything came to a climax a few seconds later as a wave of unbelievable pleasure careened through my cock, my balls and pelvic area. WOW, did that first orgasm feel wonderful! I'll clearly remember the intensity of the first time.

My cock went into convulsions, spewing out warm cum between my belly and the bed sheet. The intensity of the experience left me weak and limp afterwards. I knew what had happened of course, and at that moment realized what masturbation was all about. Man, what a fabulous discovery. I didn't have the energy to get up and clean the bed. I fell asleep, still lying on my belly in the cum.

The next morning I woke up with a nice glow from the night before. My cock was hard enough to drive nails. I remember that my pubic hairs were all matted together. Dried cum stuck to my belly too. I began thrusting again and within a few minutes, a fresh gush of cum spurted out. Finally I got out of bed and examined the messy sheet. There was a big crusty spot where last night's cum had dried plus a fresh wet deposit. When I pulled back the sheet, there was another stain on the mattress where some of my cum had soaked through during the night. After showering I stripped the bed and asked my mom for clean sheets. She was taken aback because I NEVER changed my bed without her nagging me. She didn't say anything about the stains but thereafter I used to lay my t-shirt under my cock to catch the cum.

For the next few weeks I indulged myself often, by dry-humping the mattress. I tried to jack off using my fist but the skin on my cock is too tight to slide much and it hurt to stroke my cock head with a dry fist. I didn't think of using lubrication-likely would have eventually. Humping the mattress was a lot easier on my cock-it didn't get so sore.

Not long after I began masturbating, my cousin Adam and his parents visited for a weekend. When it came time for sleep, Adam had the choice of bunking in with me in my bed or sleeping on the carpet. He chose the bed. We talked for awhile until Adam said he needed some sleep. I waited a few minutes for him to fall asleep. As usual, I was horny so I carefully rolled over onto my belly and slowly began thrusting against the mattress, trying to be as quiet and discrete as possible. Turns out that Adam wasn't asleep after all. 'Jason, are you humping the mattress?' he asked me.

I admitted that's what I was doing. 'Why don't you use your fist?' he asked. 'Because it hurts too much,' I said. Adam was circumcised too. His hard-on was longer than mine but not as thick. He had lots more loose skin and could dry-stroke his shaft without difficulty. But he said that he often used baby oil so he could stroke his cock head too. We didn't have any so I went and got my mom's bottle of hand lotion from the bathroom. Soon we were both lying on our backs, fists and cocks nice and slippery, stroking away. Man, did that feel nice. I had a powerful orgasm and cum flew right up to my chin. Adam and I jacked off two or three more times during the weekend.

After that, I jacked off with my fist, with lots of lubrication of course. I settled into a daily routine, usually at bedtime. It was so relaxing to get off, I looked forward to a nice smooth session to help produce those wonderful thrills between my legs. Usually I'd drift off to sleep right after shooting my load.

Apart from jacking off that weekend with my cousin Adam, I was a solo jacker. On one other occasion, on a school trip, I jacked off in a motel room that I shared with two other guys. First, one of them started and then the other. They both tried to do it without making any noise but how can you cover up all those sounds? So I joined in too. The room was dark and none of us could see one another. We didn't said anything-we just did it. No one mentioned anything afterwards.

My cousin Adam and I talked about jacking a couple of times after the weekend visit. Then he got himself a steady girlfriend when he was 17. Suddenly he wasn't interested in talking about jacking any more. That was for juveniles he said. Guess I didn't believe him because I kept right on jacking.

My situation today is that I've been married for five years. That hasn't really affected my jacking habits-I self-indulge as much now as when I was alone. I enjoy sex with my wife but I wouldn't even consider giving up solo time with my cock. Maybe my case is unusual but I get the most intense and prolonged orgasms when I jack off. Especially when I'm alone in the house and have loads of time to keep it going. When I finally let my cum shoot out, I am literally shaken by the intensity of the pleasure. As good as sex can be with my wife, it has seldom been that intense. Comments anyone?



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