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Learning to Slow Down

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I spent my first 4 years jerking off to beat speed records - a real 'master of masturbation'. Then my friend taught me how me to slow down and enjoy.


My cousin Mike showed me how to jerk off when I was thirteen. I got a quick lesson in our TV room while our parents were out in the back yard. Mike must have been pretty horny because he ejaculated in a minute. I didn't have a chance to try it out though because my father came in to watch football. Mike and his parents left our place soon after. Over the next couple of days I practiced jerking off. After a few attempts I got the hang of it. Wow! What a neat feeling. Very soon I was a master masturbator. Like sign me ' Dan M.M.'
From the very beginning, I jerked off very fast. And a lot. If the urge came up, I went right at it and would cum within a minute or two. Jerking off was for quick relief and most days I needed relief often. Sometimes it was five or six times, usually in a washroom or anywhere I could fine privacy for a couple of minutes. During those first years of jerking off, I never realized that orgasm could be extended - or that it should be. My routine was to jerk until the 'nice feeling' came on and the faster I could get to it, the better. I stoked dry with my fist just below the cockhead, like Mike had shown me. I am circumcised very tight so there isn't a lot of skin to slide along the shaft. I never thought about lube and the top of my cock was too sensitive to stroke dry. Jerking off was really a great way to release tension though. Looking back at those first years, I jerked off too fast to get prolonged orgasms. My method was like rushing through the ABC's in lightening speed. Orgasms were usually pleasurable but very brief - like the XYZ part of the alphabet - all the rest was quick build-up before that final couple of seconds of heavenly bliss. And then it was over. At least for a little while.
The summer of 1998 I worked at a tourist resort. I was 17. Several of us were hired to cut the grass, clean out the shower house, do odd jobs. Dennis was the same age as me. We shared a room and hit it off okay. Both of us knew that the other jerked off at night. Neither of us did it openly but we were aware what the other was doing. He used to go at it very slowly and seemed to take a LONG time. But for me jerking off before going to sleep was only one of many times during the day and like always, it was rapid fist action. I'd be all finished and falling asleep, still hearing quiet swishing sounds of Dennis' hand moving against the bed sheets as he slowly pumped his cock. We didn't talk about jerking off until the last night we were at the resort.
There had a been a party for the guys who had worked at the resort all summer - bonfire, pizzas, cokes, goofing off on the beach. When it was over everyone went back to their rooms. He and I sat around our room talking about some of the hot young chicks at the resort. Policy forbid dating guests. Some of the guys got around it but mostly what we did was talk and fantasize about them - wishful thinking, I guess. As the night wore on, our talk turned to masturbation. I admitted that I jerked off every night - he already knew anyway. One thing led to another and before long we both were bragging about who could shoot the farthest. So off came our jeans and boxers. Dennis was circumcised like me, though not so tight - at least he seemed to slide the skin up and down his shaft more easy than I could. As usual, I did my dry quickie version and ejaculated in two minutes or thereabouts. I managed to shoot a couple of feet. Then I waited for him. He had put lube on his cock and was stroking slowly. He kept pausing, to make a few comments and then start up again. Dennis said you have to do it slow to really enjoy it but I couldn't relate to that idea - I wanted to get to orgasm as fast as possible. Why put off a good thing? Especially when you can do it all over again in twenty minutes or a half hour, if you want to. Eventually he ejaculated. Dennis won the distance test - he shot much farther. But then I had already jerked off several times that day so my cum reserves were kind of low.
We sat around in our boxers and talked more. Dennis hinted that getting jerked off by someone else might really feel good. Had I ever? NOT! I was hot for orgasm again but not interested in touching his cock. Did he think I was gay or something? Eventually he got up enough nerve and offered to do me first. What can I say? Curiosity and horniness did it for me. I slipped off my boxers again and laid back on my bed, legs stretched apart. Dennis knelt on the floor beside the bed. He put some baby oil on my cock. 'It'll go a lot easier this way,' he said. The feel of his hand touching my cock was weird. My cock is about 5 3/4 inches hard so his fingers fit nicely around the shaft (when you're under that all important 6 inches, you count every fraction of length, right?). He began with short slow strokes under my cockhead - right where I always stroked. It felt really different from my kind of rapid stroking. It felt VERY GOOD. His lubricated fist slid over the skin rather than pulling it. I could sense the tingling feelings building up but slower than what I was accustomed to. Every minute or so he would stop and shift position slightly so that it would start all over again. At first I was impatient for him to get on with it. But gradually I relaxed and let him do it his way. Dennis knew how to give a good hand job. And by this time I didn't care if Dennis was gay or whatever.
After about ten minutes of stroking and stopping like this I was about to explode. Already, he had stroked me longer than I had ever done to myself. Dennis said it was time to shift into high gear. He moved his grip from the lower shaft right up to my cockhead. When he did that I felt a real jolt inside my balls and belly, my own jerking off had never felt that nice. A few more slow strokes and I was into an unbelievable climax, like my whole body was in orgasm. It was so overwhelming I got teary-eyed. It's the truth - it felt so nice I couldn't hold back tears. Cum shot all over my belly and T-shirt, some of it on the blanket. I said something like, 'Oh man, that felt sooo good.' I remember laying there after it was all over, feeling super relaxed, wondering how anything could possibly feel so totally good. I had been missing out on a whole lot of incredible pleasure.
Eventually I got over it and cleaned up the mess. I was embarrassed. Not because I had let him jerk me off but because he had seen the tears on my face. Dennis said it was nothing and said he wouldn't tell anyone about it (like who would he admit this to anyway?) I returned the favor and jerked him off too. His cock was longer and thinner than mine and had looser skin on his shaft so it was easy to stoke. That was a weird experience - feeling someone else's cock in your fist is a bit like holding the neck of a Thanksgiving turkey heh! heh! Dennis had to keep slowing me down - I'm too used to speed. He went off in a few minutes and said it really felt nice. But I doubt that he experienced anything as good as I did.
The next day we both left the resort for home (different states). I never heard from Dennis again but after that night, I started to slow down when I jerked off - to extend those delicious sensations and make them last. I've been using lube ever since to take full advantage of my exposed cockhead - it really produces some wonderful orgasms. But none have been as powerful as the time Dennis did it for me. I still do quickie jerks sometimes during the day (old habits die hard). Slow sessions are easier at bedtime. I like to unwind when there is lots of time and no one to disturb. My girlfriend jerks me sometimes but seldom to ejaculation. It always feels good but she doesn't have the right technique for it and usually gets tired half-way through (how come we guys can go on so long without getting tired?? :-). So I have to finish it off for her. And then I have to do her too! No complaints though because she gives me really good head - when she sucks my cock I'm in 'seventh heaven' (as our English prof would say).



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