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Learning To Masturbate With a Friend

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When I was 13 I had a friend who was my age maybe a little older by a couple of months, his name was Billy, and in the winter we always played together in his basement. At that time pro wrestling on TV was a big deal. So one day we were wrestling and he kept grabbing my crotch. We took a break between rounds and he suggested we wrestle for a something sort of like a prize for the winner. I said OK what do you have in mind. To my surprise he said the loser will have to take off his pants and let the winner see him naked from the waist down and be allowed to play with his penis and balls. I thought this was an odd request but was curious to see where this was going

Let me point out at 13 I was just going through puberty. I woke up every morning with a huge erection that I really didn't know what to do with. I had yet to have my first ejaculation.

Back to the story. I agreed to the prize as suggested and we resumed the wrestling match. In the end I lost, so we proceeded to a dark corner of the basement where I removed my pants and stood there naked from the waist down waiting to be handled. At first I was very embarrassed but as Billy started touching my penis and balls I became more relaxed about it. It took about a half hour Billy examined and touched every square inch of my private anatomy. Towards the end a started to get erect, then we stopped I dressed and we went upstairs to watch TV.

About a week later I woke up and had a massive erection and I started rubbing it and all of a sudden I felt like I had to pee so I ran to the bathroom. When I got there I felt like I was going to burst. I took out my penis a tried to pee but was overcome by spasms in my prostate, and shot huge streams of white liquid. At first I was sort of scared but realized that I had just come for the first time.

Everything hurt, my balls, my penis, my prostate, but it was a good hurt. Over the next few days I learned that if I got an erection and stroked my penis I would have a glorious ejaculation.

The following Saturday Billy invited me over to his house and we went down to the basement. He said lets wrestle for the same stakes as last time. I said I really didn't feel like wrestling, but if what he really wanted was to get me to take my pants off so he could play with me it was OK With me. He looked at me with a funny grin and I asked him if I should take my pants off, and he said yes. I stripped down and Billy started playing with me. I asked him if he had ever cum, and he said no. I told him that since our last meeting I have cum several times and learned how to masturbate, and it was great. I told him if he took off his pants I would show him what to do and he would cum. Billy removed his pants and I could tell he was very nervous. I started rubbing his balls and stroking his penis and within five minutes he came. I think he was startled by the intensity of cumming but really enjoyed it.

I then said OK my turn, use what I taught you on me and make me cum. Ten minutes later we were both satisfied and sexually exhausted.

After this Billy and I got together regularly and masturbated ourselves and one another. One particular horny day we each came three times, I was sore for days.

Over the years I have developed a real love of masturbation and mutual masturbation. I am not gay or engage in homosexual activity, and have nothing against it. If anything this experience has helped me understand it better. I am a heterosexual male who started having intercourse with girls at age 16, and got married in my twenties. Over the years I have masturbated many times both alone and with others of both sexes.

Today at 61 I have a good sex life with my wife of many years and I also masturbate about five times a week. In addition I have a male friend who is about five years older than I, and due to prostate issues can't get an erection or ejaculate. He misses it terribly but takes great pleasure in watching me masturbate. I go over to see him occasionally, he likes me to strip naked and put on a live masturbation show for him. Sometimes he lends a hand.

Moral of the story is you are never to young or old to masturbate. Learn how to do it, enjoy it, and share it with others.



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