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Learning To Masturbate

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I was raised in a rural area so I did not have any playmates. I did not have many sources of information because this was before the advent of television and my parents gave me no information about sexuality. The rural elementary school that I attended provided no information whatsoever on sexual matters. I did not encounter any books with sexual information. I had no older brother to provide me with information, so I was totally ignorant on all matter pertaining to sexuality and reproduction.

My first information about sex came when I started the first grade. There was a trough type urinal in the boy's restroom. I was very surprised to learn that some of the boys had little penises that come to a point without a head - totally unlike mine, which had a clearly visible head. I was completely mystified by this, because I could not see how different members of the same race could have such a varied appearance. I remained mystified until I was nine when I learned that I had been circumcised as an infant and that explained the different appearance.

I never discovered masturbation for myself. I had several erections as a child but I did not know what they were or what they were for. They were slightly uncomfortable because the skin was stretched very tightly because so much skin had been removed by my circumcision, although I did not understand that at the time.

When I was eleven, my father came into my room and slipped me a little book. He was very nervous and left quickly without saying very much.

The book, of course, was about human reproduction. It explained everything in the vaguest terms possible. The illustrations looked like schematics for an electrical circuit!

Nevertheless, I got an erection while reading the book, which I somehow related to the reading of the book. I had no idea what to do about it because I knew nothing whatsoever about masturbation and that little book certainly did not include that information. The erection eventually subsided by itself.

Just after my 12th birthday, I went swimming at the public pool in the town. For no apparent reason, I got an erection while swimming in the pool. I still did not understand about erections. I could not get it to go down. I eventually had to leave the pool and go to the locker room to change with my little hairless penis still hard and sticking out. I was very embarrassed by this condition. I was able to change into my street clothes by hiding behind a locker door. I don't think anyone saw me.

I entered the seventh grade at the end of summer. Soon the boys there were talking about 'doing it.' I did not know how to do it. I had a friend my age named Tommy who came to my rescue. Tommy knew how to do it! I don't know how he knew but perhaps he learned from his older brother who was about 15 years of age.

Tommy explained that I needed to wet my little penis with soapy water, make a fist and go up and down the shaft. Armed with that information I rushed home after school, went in the bathroom, pulled down my pants, stood in from of the sink and tried out my new knowledge.

I was a bit clumsy and I did not do it very well, but my hairless little organ did get erect and I did experience some pleasure. The next day I tried it again and I was a little better. After about a week of this, one day I got it right and I felt it really get good. I started to feel as though I had to pee and this my little dick started to jerk up and down. I was having my first dry orgasm. After that the head got so sensitive that I could no longer touch it for a while. After that masturbation became a daily activity for me. I rushed home from school every day to get to the soapy water so I could masturbate. I knew that I would eventually see some ejaculate and I eagerly awaited that occurence so I jacked off every day to check to see if I was producing cum.

About that time, I talked my friend Gerald, who was a bit older that me, to jack-off for me so I could see some cum. One afternoon after, we walked to a patch of woods near the school. Gerald had an intact foreskin so this was my first experience with foreskin. Gerald sat on a log and worked his foreskin back and forth until he produced some semen for me. I didn't do anything because I didn't have the soapy water I needed for lubrication of my circumcised penis. I realized that uncut boys could jack-off at anytime wherever they happened to be.

I was starting to see the beginnings of pubic hair and after about three more months, I had my first wet ejaculation while standing before the bathroom sink.

I was totally hooked on masturbation, which continues to the present day.

This was the start of a life-time of pleasure.



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