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Learning To Do It

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How I learned to masturbate myself and someone else, and who showed me how.


I was 18 when I sarted thinking about my step father while masturbating. I had never gotten off before, but I was trying to late one night until the image of my step father touching me the way I was touching myself popped into my mind. At that point I stopped. I tried to do the same thing the next night but the image of my step dad touching my breasts and my pussy appeared in my head again. Again I stopped. Eventually I was asked by my step dad why I was acting so bitchy and pissy. I lied at first, not wanting to tell him the truth as to why. But I eventually I had told him that when I tried to masturbate and that he had popped into my mind.

My step dad and I then proceeded to go for a ride to discuss what was going on. He told me that it was ok that I was thinking about him and that I wasn't the only girl who would think about their step dad. At the time though I was scared and didn't believe that I wasn't the only one who thought about their step dad that way.

For the next few weeks, my step dad tried to make me feel ok about it but I felt like a fool. He asked me if I had gotten off to thinking about him. I said that I didn't because thinking of him scared me. He then asked me if I had ever gotten off before. I told him that I had never gotten off and that I didn't know how to.

One night, I had tried to play with myself in the bathroom under the instruction of my step dad, but I couldn't get off. He had told me to go and try to get off, and if I thought of him to just go with it. Well I couldn't get off but I did start thinking of him touching my body just as before but I couldn't get off. And he told me to just lie down on the couch and cover myself up and play with myself. I had noticed that after ten minutes of moaning that my step dad would look at me and watch me. It just fuelled me and made me hotter and much more wet. I started to shake and was losing energy when my step dad started touching my leg and worked his way to my dripping and shaking pussy and played with my clit. It felt so good but that night I still couldn't get off, so I went to bed and stayed home the next day from college.

My step dad and I talked some more about it and he asked me if I wanted to stay in the living room or go to the bathroom again. I said that I wanted to stay in the living room, because I wanted him to watch me and hopefully touch me like he did last night. I started playing with myself on the couch and my step dad started touching me again. It felt soo good. I squirmed and moaned. I loved what I was feeling and he started fingering me and he kept hitting this one spot inside of me. It felt soo good! I wanted more and sorely needed to cum but I was at a loss as to how.

My step dad then whispered to just let go and I did. I moaned as I came leaving a wet spot on the couch. I noticed when he moved back that his boxers had a large point that disrupted how smoothly they covered him. My step dad said that he needed to get off himself but when he looked at me I guess he could tell I wanted to touch him. So he lowered his boxers to reveal his hard on. I gripped his hard cock and moved my hand up and down him until my step dad came in my hand. I loved watching him cum. I don't regret letting him know but I still put on a show, allowing him to watching me play with myself and get off. And I wish we could do more than that.



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