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Learning To Do It

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Larry was older by 5 years


After my parents divorced, we kids moved from a major city area to a very rural area. All four of us kids missed our left behind friends, but, the new friends we made became very close over the years. Larry lived 'next door' about a half mile away and was a tall, lanky, hard working farm boy. He 'adopted' me and we became good friends hiking, hunting, fishing, working together on his family small farm, and swimming in a local swimming hole, usually skinny dipping. We thought nothing of seeing each other naked. I was amazed at the size of Larrys cock! A good 8 to 10 inches, soft.

One hot summer day after hiking from early morning in the surroundin mountains, we went to the swimming hole to cool off. We stripped off our sweaty clothes and waded into the cool mountain pool, then dove in to get over the coldness. Larry and I splashed each other, and play wresteled and swam around enjoying ourselves for awhile. We then went to the sunny side of the stream and laid on the bank to dry off. Being tired and the bright warm sun basking my body, I dozed off. In a time, I heard Larry moaning and woke up, looked over to him and saw his head thrust back, and his hand pumping his huge cock up and down. I had no idea what he was doing, but very shortly his body started spasming, his back arched and white fluid spewed from his pee hole! After his body relaxed, his hand still wrapped around his cock, he opened his eyes and looked at me smiling. He laughed when he saw my wide open mouth, and asked if I ever did that. Still staring at his now limping cock, I shook my head from side to side. He told me it's called jacking off and I should give it a try, that it feels real good. Not wanting to disappoint my mentor, I lay back, closed my eyes, and stroked my now grown to nearly 3 inch cock with a circle of thumb and index finger. After a few minutes, I felt like I was going to pee! I stopped and told Larry, he said that's what is all about. I continued stroking, and very shortly felt that feeling again, but, continued stroking until I experienced my first orgasm. No spewing like Larry, but a really neat feeling. When I came down from my high, smiling Larry said that I would 'cum' later on. We dressed and went home.

I became hooked on this new experience, and did it several times a day for the rest of the summer and into harvesting time. One morning it happened. I spewed. More like a squirt, but still something. I rapidly dressed and ran out the door, down the road to Larry's barn knowing he'd be there putting down hay from the loft to the cows below. I climed up into the loft with him and between gasps of breath told him I had spewed. Larry patted me on the head, and said, 'Great Little Squirt'. I asked if we could do it together to celebrate. So we both pulled our pants down, laid in the sweet hay, and jacked off. Of course Larry spewed, and I squirted, but, it was great knowing that I could do something with my friend that we both shared.

Larry and I remained friends until he went off to the Army and Vietnam. I never heard from him after that, but years later saw his name inscribed among the heroes on THE WALL in Washington, DC. My friend had been my hero for years prior to that inscription.



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