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Learning the Mysterious Act

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Learning the mysterious art
I had the experiences of mystifying sexual stimulation as a young child usually through observing a neighboring mother spanking her children, but did not understand the significance of the event. These occurances must have been about the age of five or six. The first overtly sexual encounter came about through overhearing older boys' conversations concerning their, what I later learned was masturbating, in the schoolyard. I was then about 11 years old, and had not yet reached puberty.
Naturally I could not wait to go home and try the exercises they were describing which included vivid descriptions of a fluid the called come squirting from their penises. When I finally was able to do the deed, no such wonderous fluid was produced by my juvenile pecker, although the sensation of stroking my penis with my hand clapsed around it did feel pleasant, no earth shattering spasms as the boys described happened. So I assumed that they were not telling the truth. Because I was Catholic, I related this event to the priest at confession. He did not realize it, but he confirmed the accuracy of the story I overheard when he asked whether any thing had come out of my penis. I answered no; to which he replied that the event I described was not too bad a transgression, but that if the practice continued, one thing would lead to another. So at the first opportunity, I repeated the experiment, but this time continued stroking my thing until I began to feel a new and most powerful senastion. I grew so strong that I could not stop.Finally I had my first ogasm, not knowing at the time the proper name for the shattering event, although no semen appeared.
After this first time, I became an addict masturbating about three times a week. It was not until I was 13 that I had my first ejaculation. This occurred while I was studying, reading of all things Homer. While so engaged, I was rubbing the head of my penis against my leg, and decided I should continue the pleasuring myself in the bathroon lest I get caught in a prohibited event. After a few more strokes my, youthful penis began to throb, the meatus seemed to open and 2 or 3 drops of a white fluid weakly dribbled out. I was amazed and shocked, resolved never to do that again, and returned to my room and Homer.
This resolution lasted about 2 days after which I began to stroke my penis again; this time the orgasm was more forceful and much more pleasent. So I became a masturbation athelete, doing it about 3 times a day. In conversations with my friends, I learned that all of them were doing the same thing. Many of them wanted me to join them in what we now called jerking off. I would not do this because I did not trust them to keep their mouths shut.
As I got more and more addicted, the episodes of jerking off got more frequent until I reached an all time record of 15 in one day when I was 15. but ususally I held the secret pleasure to 3 a day. It became difficult to fit all this activity into my schedule in that I lived at home with parents and siblings. I mentioned this difficulty to a friend at school who responded that he had the perfect solution in that both his parents worked, he had no siblings, and I could eaisly go with him to his house after school pretending we were studying together. Each of us did our own thing without one jerking the other. Naturally, I agreed and this practice continued until we were old enough to drive, after which our interest in girls attenuated, but did not erase my interest in my original and vivid practice.



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