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Learning the Art

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This continues the tale set out in The Beginning, and covers te period from age nine through age 12.


After learning the technique of producing orgasms as often as I wished from my cousin, I began to develop an increase in desire for them along with improvement in technique. My natural interest in viewing my naked body especially my wonderous pecker grew and became a sort of ritual preceeding almost all jack off sessions. These sessions usually occurred about three times a week at night and alone in bed. In the early period, my pecker was about 3 inches long when hard, and I stroked it between my thumb and first two fingers. It took about 20 minutes of jacking to begin to feel the beginnings of an orgasm. When I felt this, I would increase the stroking until my whole body was shaking, my pecker was spasming, and I was gasping for breath. About twice a month, my cousin and I would get together for a mutual jack off because I went to him for advice on my developing technique. This led to my first circle jerk with him and two other boys. By the time I reached 11, I increased my jacking to once and sometimes two times a day. My pecker had increased to about 4.5 iches hard, and now I could wrap my whole fist around it. The time required to come decreased to about 10 minutes for the first orgasm. Sometimes I got in a second jacking which took longer and was more fun. With increased jacking, I had to use lubrication to avoid chafing. I'm sure that at this time, if not before, my parents became aware that I was masturbating regularly in that the the consumption of vaseline increased by a factor of ten, and my mother began buying it in tubs rather than bottles. But she did not say anything to me.
After I began to sprout pubic hair, one saturday after I turned 12, when I was alone, I stripped down started stroking, and noticed for the first time a drop of clear liquid in my pecker's eye after about 5 minutes. I stopped, touched the drop, and when I pulled my finger away it left a long string of it. I returned to strking with greater force, soon felt the onset of orgasm. When the moment of truth arrived this time in addition to all the quivering my pecker's eye seemed to open and about three drops of milky white come squirted out. By this time my pecker was about 6 inches long with a hard on, and I was jacking off three times a day. I was so proud of comming, that I told my cousin, and we did a mutual jacking so he could see for himself. I'll continue this later.



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