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Learning Self-Love with Friends

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I am an admitted masturbation addict. I not only love to do it, but I love to watch others. Nothing hotter than seeing someone watching porn and then do something to themselves that causes such pleasure. ESPECIALLY when they do not know you are watching. I am a humper. I can rub against almost anything and cum. This is the story of how it started. All of it is completely true. And with each story I will bring you closer to my adult age and current sexual needs...let me know if you like it.


I was always a tom-boy. Short cut hair - toe-head with a smile and spirit. I had a sister who was 4 years older than me that never wanted me around and more male friends than female. I was particular friends with the boy next door named Charlie. Charlie and his younger sister lived with their single mom and grandparents next door. My mom was also a single mom and for years it was just my sister, me and her.

I first started feeling the hormones racing through my body at 14. My mom saw that my nipples started to get puffy and I refused to wear a training bra. She could not speak to me about sex apparently because she came home with two books from the library for me. One was on my changing body and the other about sex. I knew sex made babies even though I had no clue how. That book told me all I needed to know. When I got to the chapter on masturbation I was kind of grossed out. Who would want to touch themselves down there? So, I took it over to Charlie and thought we would get a good giggle out of it. There we were laying on the bed next to each other as we had a thousand times before when reading a magazine or watching t.v.. and I have the book open and we are reading it together and looking at pictures. There was a picture of a clitoris and I was shocked when Charlie asked me if I had one that looked like the picture. "I guess so, I never looked." was all I could think to say. He told me he had looked at his sister, Lisa's last week. I was shocked. Lisa is the same age as Charlie and I for about thirty days and that was the month we were in. They were what was called "Irish twins".

I asked him why he looked and he said he and she had been discussing hearing their mom masturbate. I felt funny in my belly and crotch as he told me the story. He explained his sister told him that their mother touches herself every single day at least once in the morning and one or more times at night. Lisa hears her moaning and noise through her bedroom vent. He said he wanted to see or hear what Lisa heard so Lisa came and got him the next time she heard the moaning and swooshing noises from his moms room. Charlie went into Lisa's room and they listened. He said that under the master bedroom door he could see his mom, legs spread wide and naked, sitting in front of a full length mirror furiously rubbing at the top of her girl-parts.

He asked Lisa to get naked too so he could see what his mom was rubbing that made her so loud and turned-on. Lisa took off her pants and knickers and sat spread eagle. He said that he and Lisa took turns on her rubbing, touching and playing with her part he now knew as a clitoris. As he told me this story I realized I was unconsciously grinding and rotating my pelvis into his bedspread and mattress. That new feeling was getting stronger and I really liked it. Charlie was still on his stomach and he was moving against the bed the same way I was...but faster. I asked him what he was doing and he smiled at me when he said he was grinding his dick on the bed the same way I was grinding my clit. I was almost embarrassed but could not stop moving. I felt like there was a reward if I kept going, that I wanted more..

To keep the discussion going I asked what Lisa thought of the playing. He said she really liked it slow and when he licked his finger like he saw his mom doing and then barely touch the clitoris. She started pushing her hips in the air at a pace she wanted and then started howling so loud he had to put a pillow over her face. She called it her explosion when she was done. She was wet with what he now knows from reading with me to be girl juice and said that must be what the sloshing noise is from his mom. He went on to tell me how he has practiced with Lisa every night since when their mom is doing it and Lisa loves it. He said that his grinding on the bed causes his boy juice to come out too and it is really really good feeling.

I asked him to show me. As he stared at the pictures in the book and ground his hips on the bed - back and forth, over and over.. I had slid down to watch and both my feet were on the ground. The bottom corner of the mattress was nestled on my mound and I felt content to sit there like that to watch as the pressure on my pubis and clit was great. Just as he really started to grind, Lisa came in. He did not stop, and I could not move. It felt too good to move. Charlie told Lisa to get naked for us and sit on the floor where he could watch her. She scrambled to do just that. I could see the juice on her pussy lips the same way I felt it on mine. Charlie was moving still..slower now as I started to make short movements like his.

He said out loud that he could not wait to shove his dick into a pussy. This was an amazingly dirty comment and even though I wondered where he learned it, hearing it made me grind a little more on the edge of the mattress. Lisa had her legs spread obscenely wide, I could see inside her pussy lips. I was actually thinking I wanted a cock of my own to shove into Lisa right then. I wanted to fuck a pussy. Was that normal? The thought of me fucking Lisa with a cock of my own and then watching Charlie fuck Lisa made me go crazy.

I was gripping the mattress as I rocked, ground and slid my pussy back and forth faster and faster - looking back and forth from Charlie to Lisa.. Charlie pumping and breathing hard as he told Lisa he was going to fuck her soon even if he had to force his cock into her. Lisa smiled and slowly rubbed a soft circle around her clit and hood. She said, "I want to taste Maria before I take cock. I might like it more than I would like you inside me."

That was all I needed. I felt an explosion of pleasure that went from my pussy to my toes and back up to my face. I started to slow down and recover and watched Charlie explode saying, "Yeah Lisa, you should have been underneath Maria for that and ground your clit against hers." Cum was shooting out onto the mattress as he groaned and growled with every spurt. It was beautiful. As we both started to breathe normally again, Lisa looked up and said, "My turn and I need some help". But that is for next time...



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