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Learning Late

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I knew lots about sex from about 12 years old-except the real basics.


My first masturbation was years later than most guys. I grew up back in the 1980's. My parents were very uptight about anything sexual and I soon learned not to ask them embarrassing questions. There were no brothers or sisters around and the internet was still a few years into the future. We lived three miles from town so it was sort of a case of ignorance is bliss, I guess. Thinking about it now, there were the usual sources of information. Like the guys in grade school used to kid about jacking off and make the stroking sign with their fist but I just didn't clue in. It just didn't seem to make sense or be very important. But like everyone else, I had learned about where babies come from, what safes were for, etc.

And the hormones did begin to flow alright. By the time I started high school my cock was growing and jet black pubic hair sprouted between my legs and I got very horny most of the time. Staring at the girls in class always gave me a hard-on. I knew what having sex was all about but was too shy to hit on anyone, at least in the early years. I could only wish and imagine how great it must be to have sex with a girl.

Wet dreams began when I was still in eighth grade and became more frequent in high school. The first time it happened I awoke after a weird dream where everyone was naked. My briefs were wet. I thought it was pee but soon discovered the stickiness and realized that I was now producing semen. After that, wet dreams became routine and usually I didn't wake up at all. By morning my briefs would be crusty rather than wet. I used to wake up with crusty underwear about once a week or so.

Another development in ninth grade was pre-cum. During the day I think I had a hard-on most of the time, certainly a lot of the time. Like in a boring class when I would daydream about one of the girls or fixate on the teacher's slim legs. All that arousal caused a flow of juice from my cock. So my briefs would get wet from pre-cum, especially when I had a hard-on for a long time.

About midway through ninth grade I experienced spontaneous ejaculation for the first time. It happened one afternoon in class. As usual, my mind was concentrating on the sexy chick up the isle across from me. I was so hard I ached for sex. Suddenly I felt a sort of squeezing deep inside my belly and my pee muscle clamped down repeatedly as semen pumped into my pants. I remember tying to stop the action by squeezing hard but I just couldn't hold it back.

Man I was so embarrassed and didn't know what to do. Back then we wore our jeans really tight. The class ended a few minutes later so I pulled my t-shirt over out and over my jeans to hide and spot that was starting to seep through. By holding in my belly muscles, my wet briefs stuck to the skin and so most of the wetness didn't soak all the way through my jeans. I made a bee line for the washroom and cleaned up in one of the stalls. That was the first of about a dozen eruptions I had over the next two years. I got to learn the warning signs and would try to back off when I was too horny for too long. Sometimes my cock ejaculated anyway.

These spontaneous ejaculations didn't feel 'nice' like an orgasm does. It felt much like having a pee except everything came out with a force I couldn't stop. I think it was just my system getting rid of semen build up. The same with wet dreams. Although my dream would be pleasant, there was nothing like the intense sensations of having sex. They just happened when the tubes got too full I guess.

So for several years I went along with the stupid jerk-off jokes, not really knowing much about it. I didn't see the light until I was almost 17. It was the end of my junior year. I had been working on a project in the library after class. The school was almost empty. I had left my jacket in the locker room and I went down to pick it up. There were no games going on and the locker room was deserted. I could hear water running and peeked into the shower room to see who was there.

Jeff was a senior. He was standing sideways to the door stroking his cock. I backed away. Jeff was heading for a college basketball scholarship and often used to practice after school in the gym. I slowly edged back toward the door to watch him. He kept adding more liquid soap to his hand and the stroking continued. Then he ejaculated. His semen splattered on the shower room floor in three or four globs. Jeff had no idea I was watching him. Not wanting him to see me, I quickly left the locker room before he finished his shower.

As I walked home from school, I had a really stiff hard-on. Seeing Jeff actually stroking made things very clear. So that was what jerking off was all about. I couldn't wait to imitate the action and see if I would force out semen.

Upon arriving home I headed straight for the bathroom to take a shower. My cock was so hard in anticipation of something happening, I had a hard time getting out of my tight jeans. As soon as the warm water flowed I soaped up and started sliding my slippery fist over my cock. Well, I guess I was too horny to last very long. After three or four strokes I felt the most wonderful sensations build in my cock and balls. It was sheer pleasure as I went into orgasm almost immediately, an experience I had never had before. Then I felt that familiar clamping down as the ejaculation started. Only this time the contractions were accompanied by the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced. I just kept stroking as cum spurted from my cock.

I must have hollered out at some point because my mom knocked on the bathroom door and asked if I was alright.. My legs were so weak I could hardly stand. I was shaking. I told my mom everything was okay. What an experience!

As the reality of it all settled it, the pieces gradually fell into place. I finally realized what the guys had been kidding about for years. I made up for a lot of lost time after that and soon was jerking off every day, sometimes three or four times a day. But guess what? I never experienced another wet dream or spontaneous ejaculation after that. My briefs were no longer crusty in the morning. I kept lots of Kleenex handy for easy clean up.

P.S. Reading the stories on Solo Touch, it seems that virtually every other guy learned the joys of solo pleasure by the time they were twelve or thirteen. And some learned as young as five or six years old! Is my case a rarity? Are there any other guys out there who learned to jerk off late?



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