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Learning How To Spray

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I have been cuming to Solo Touch for quite a long time now, and enjoy the FF, and MM stories very much. I have always been a serious stroker, but after my divorce five years ago I really started masterbating a lot, once or twice a day. I still enjoy reading the girly mags. Since then I have amassed a very large mag collection. So large in fact, that I needed to get rid of a few boxes, that I had grown tired of. Me being me, I just didn't want to throw them away, but give them to another guy, who would enjoy them.

One day I mentiond to my buddy Steve, who is also divorced, that I had some girly mags, that I needed to get rid of. He really did not say much at the time, but about a week or two later, He asked me if I still wanted to give him the mags. I told him sure, as long as he did not throw them away. It was then, that he admitted he enjoyed working one out every now and then. I responded by telling him, hell Steve I do it every day!

Now, I think I should mention that I am an edger, and have taught myself how to have pretty strong ejaculations. Back in 2006, I wrote a small story, in Score magazine, on how men could learn how to develop there ejaculation.

So that being said, and the ice was broken with Steve, I included a copy of the magazine, where the story had appeared, with all the other magazines, telling Steve, to keep an open mind, and that when he read the story, it was a different side of my sexuality, he did not know about. Most men really don't talk about jacking off.

About three weeks later, Steve called me out of the blue one night, and told me dude! I just shot the biggest load ever, your techniques really do work. I was a little surprised, and a little turned on by his openness, so I asked him OK, how big of a spray did he have. He told me after talking to me, and reading my story, he had been masturbating almost every day, and he could now shoot about 4ft. I said welcome to the club, on a good day, I can shoot about 6ft. It was then, that he really shocked me, by saying, that is something I want to see. What else could I do, but say OK. Being that he had just shot off about fifteen minutes earlier. I told him, not to work one out in the morning, and I would come over to his place after work, the next day.

I had not jacked off with another guy since I was a teenager, so I was a little excited at the prospect of a distance contest with Steve. I took with me over to Steve's place, about five copies of Score, and a couple of female ejaculation DVD's. When I got there, Steve came to the door in a pair of sweat pants, but as soon as he closed the door. He took his sweat pants off, exposing a very nice semi erect eight inch cock, and said, let's rock out with our cocks out. It didn't take long for me to get my own pants down, and off, exposing my six inch cock. I pulled my mags out, and Steve put in the porn Dvd.

Steve had also brought out several copies of some mags that I had given him, and we both started slowly working our cocks. As we both jacked off, we talked about what type of hand techniques we liked to use. Steve had never used the backhand technique before, believe it or not. So I taught him how to do it, and he commented on how good it felt. I said it's really good for edging. Edging, is a very important part of working up a big load. We sat there for about an hour, looking at the mags, and watching the porn. Building up close to the point, but not going over. I was really getting hot, and could not hold back much longer. So I told Steve, I was getting close to shooting my load.

In a loud voice, I said, is this what you want to see, you want to see me spray, here it comes, AAAAAhhhhhhh! and with that Jizz, started shooting out of my cock, in about six really good ropes, arcing a good 6ft. I fell back on the couch, totally spent. As I did, I looked at Steve, and could tell, he was almost past the point of no return. He said wow, that was hot! and started jacking his cock really fast, then he said, watch me jizz, and then, groaned loudly, as cum erupted from his cock, shooting about eight ropes five feet. After we had time to recover from shooting our loads, Steve told me that was the most intense orgasm he had ever had. This just happened the other day, so I will keep you posted if Steve beats me at a distance contest!



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