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Learning How to Masturbate - Japanese Style

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Learning How to Masturbate - Japanese Style
The idea that masturbation is "bad for you" is a western and primarily Victorian idea. Fortunately I am from Japan. In the orient we were not influenced by Queen Victoria and are not beset with guilt about sexual matters. We are more open to healthy ideas about sex.
I learned how to please myself when I was 5 years old. One evening my second older sister and I were going to sleep on our futon. I was almost asleep when I noticed her hand moving on top of me entering my kimono. Her hand went inside and touched the lower part of my body. Her hand slid along my stomach, inside my panties, and touched my mimeko. I did not have any hair then so it was easy to find my sensitive spot. The hand started to stroke around the mimeko area. I did not know my sister would do such a thing to me or what was going to happen. I was afraid but, I was curious also. So I kept very still. When my sister did not get any reaction from me she must have felt it was safe to continue. The hand went away for a moment. I thought she going to stop. I was pleased when the hand came back. This time her finger was very wet. She had put saliva on it. Then the wet finger started to rub around my clitoris. She rubbed very gently at first, kind of hesitantly. Then the finger went up and down my slit. It did not take long for me to feel good.
I was feeling very good but I did not want to make any noise for fear she would be afraid and take her hand away. I wanted to keep her doing it and I wanted to find out what it is like to be touched down there. So I kept very still.
Her hand went on touching me, rubbing my clitoris, around and around, up and down, up and down. I wanted to see and I wanted to watch my sister. But, it was dark and I did not want to move, so I kept still. All that was in my mind was her hand moving around my mimeko. First gently, then she started to rub a little bit faster with a little more pressure. I started to feel really good. She rubbed and rubbed.
Soon I felt a wave of wonderful feeling coming over me. I climaxed. It was a really nice feeling. That was the first time I climaxed and it was with a finger. A few days later I tried it myself. I wet my finger and rubbed my clitoris. Wonderful! I kept rubbing and I came by myself. From then on, every chance I got, every free moment I could find, I would play with myself with my finger.
Growing up in a large family, I had a hard time finding privacy. During the daytime when all the others were busy or were out of the house I would go in a closet and pull off my panties. I would wet my finger and do exactly what my sister did for me. I'd rub and rub until I climaxed. Then I'd put my panties back on and go back. I did this almost every day. I'd play until I climaxed. I thought that was it. Nobody ever told me a girl could come more than once. I did it this way for a long time, but after a while I noticed that I was thinking about doing it again a short time after I had done it. I wanted more. One day after I had just played I was about to put my panties on when I touched my clitoris again. I felt just as good as the first time so I kept on rubbing. I came again. Wow! That was even better than the first one. It was so good that I wanted to do more. So I did it again and I climaxed again. I found I could do it over and over as much as I wanted. I did it until I did not want any more.
Sometimes I could not help making a noise. I had to be very careful about making noise. Because if anybody except my next older sister found me out I would be in trouble. Sometimes I would go up in the closet where we kept the futon during the day. I was little so I could get behind the futon where no one could see. I would lay on my back and play with myself. I wet my finger and rubbed and rubbed. My clitoris always got very happy and I could always climax many times.
I started to be obsessed about sex after that. Wherever I was, whatever I was doing I started to think about sex all the time. I wanted to play with myself at every moment I could find. Sometimes I did it several times in one day.
There was a woods behind our house. There I found the perfect tree. It was a big tree with one branch low enough that I could easily get on it. The leaves hid me from outside. I lay on my stomach on the branch rubbing my crotch against the branch. I would grind my hips and move my body up and down until I climax. Then I would situate myself so I could lay on my back and put my finger on my clitoris and play again and again.
Often in the evening just before it got dark I would want to be by myself so I could masturbate. In the evening the house was too crowded besides someone would see me going in the closet. I would go into a nearby rice field, step into the tall grass and squat down. The tall grass would hide my lower body so no one could see what I was doing. If someone saw me they would think I was picking flowers or peeing. I would put my finger in through my panty leg or sometimes I took my panties off. I would play and play.
One day on the way home from school I saw a neighbor girl stop in the rice field. She pulled down her panties and squatted. I stopped some distance away to allow her privacy so she could pee. She squatted for a long time. When she was finished she stood up, pulled up her panties, and walked on. When I got to the spot where she had been there was no urine puddle. I can think of only one other reason to pull down your panties like that. She was playing with herself. I wished I had been closer so I could see her doing it. I squatted in the same place and masturbated too. That night I was anxious to go to bed so I could do it again.
It seems I could not get enough. Even playing two or three times every day. Often when I was playing and climaxing I would wonder what it is all about. I started to hear about sex between man and woman. I was too young to know what that meant. It seemed if you can climax and feel this great you do not need any one else to do it.
A favorite time to do it was bedtime. If I was quiet it was easy to do it under my futon. Several of my sisters slept in the same room, but they were older and usually were not there when I went to sleep. The older sister who taught me slept in the futon next to mine. Usually it was too dark to see. But, sometimes I could see her hand moving under her futon. Once I could see her face. When she stopped moving she had a peaceful look on her face. Another time I played quietly with myself before I went to sleep. When I finished I looked at her. She was smiling at me. She knew! I was glad she had taught me.
When I was fourteen or fifteen I was masturbating several times a day. I worried if too much masturbation was bad for my health. For a while I tried to limit myself to once every other day. That made it worse because I thought about sex constantly. Some of my close friends had the same worry. One of my girlfriends came into possession of a very secret book in English by Haveloc Ellis on female masturbation. We worked hard at reading it because back then we were not very good at English. The book had some interesting case studies, but I remember the two main points. The first message I remember was that masturbation is self-limiting. When they get enough, females loose interest and males do not get erections. The main message was that masturbation is not bad for you. The only possible bad effect is if you feel guilty. Once I understood that, I did not worry. From then on I did it as much as I wanted. I still do.
Now I am 45, married, divorced, and re-married. I still enjoy men. My husband and I used to enjoy a wide variety of erotic interests including mutual masturbation. I have a dildo and my husband has built me two heavy duty "industrial strength" vibrators. They plug in to a wall socket and will go on for hours. The vibrator is absolutely the best way to climax (over and over and over..). I still enjoy masturbating very much. Actually I prefer it.



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