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Learning How To Do

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I started masturbating when I was 11. But I didn't know exactly what I was doing until I was 12.

And this is how I started: I was 11, and I used to play a lot with three friends of mine: they were a little bit younger than me. The youngest was 10.

One day, we were on the playground, talking about stuff, when suddenly John (I'm not using real names) put his hands under his shorts and started moving it.

Me and my two other friends kept looking at that, like 'what the hell? is he crazy?'.

We didn't know much about masturbation, but we would often hear our older friends (which were 14 or older) talk about this 'masturbation' thing and their penis size (which is something some boys at this age worry about a lot).

My other friend, Mike, asked John 'what the hell are you doing?'. John then told us 'there's a good feeling that will come if you keep doing this'. He also said he was shy to show us what would happen, but he kept, innocently, doing that in front of us.

After a while, the youngest friend of mine, Paul, would stand up and we could see he had an erection. That's when he said 'I do that a lot'. We all got shocked, at the same time he put down his shorts and started stroking his penis right there.

Me and Mike were sitting and a lot embarrassed.

John and Paul didn't keep rubbing their penis, but they would keep showing it to us. Mike got curious and soon he would be standing up to compare the size of his penis with John's. I was embarrassed, but also curious, as I've never had seen someone else's penis until that day.

I ended up putting my shorts down and comparing the size of my penis with these friends of mine. We went to John's house and each one of us measured it. I had about 3.8 inches of penis at that time and so did they.

We kept looking at ourselves for some ten more minutes, with a lot of curiosity, while learning about our bodies...

Later I got home and tried what I was told to do. While in the shower, I masturbated for the first time... I still didn't cum at that age, but it felt fantastic, and I always do that since then.

I still don't think there was nothing wrong with me and my three other friends and our curiosity about our bodies.

I'm a straight guy, and will always be. At that age, me and my friends were just curious: we were just learning life stuff.

One year later, I would finally know what masturbation was for and that it was related to sex... and girls. Actually, I learned in a quite different way, with a girl, but that's another story I submitted here, hehe...



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