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Learning How a Girl Uses the Toilet

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Rachael is not the real name of the person in the story and Kevin is not my real name.


I was eleven years old and very confused about the way a girls plumbing was supposed to work. I had seen a female private area before but I was curious about how the pee came out.

There was this girl named 'Rachael' who I spent a lot of time with because her mom baby-sat me after school. I'd get off school around 2:30pm and on an average day I would stay at Rachael's house until about 6:30pm. Rachael was a month older than I was, my birthday was June 12 and hers was July 12. When I was at Rachael's house it seemed that her mother always had guests over and Rachael and I could do what we wanted virtually unsupervised.

One day I decided to ask her what it looked like when she peed and I even got the courage to ask her to show me. She wasn't excited about the idea at all but finally said that if I peed and let her see how far it would go that she would let me see her peeing. I drank a lot of water and juice and a little while later with a full bladder I told her I was ready. In her backyard there was an area behind a bunch of bushes and overgrown foliage, usually that was the first place I would look when we played hide and seek or it was my 'base' when Rachael's boy cousin was over and we played Army.

Today it was being used as my toilet, we walked out to the backyard past her mom and guests that were gathered in the kitchen. When we got to the hidden bushy area I pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles, lifted my shirt slightly, leaned back a little, gripped my penis and urinated as far as I could while Rachael watched. When I was done I remember playfully wiggling my hips so that my penis swung from side to side which seemed to amuse Rachael. 'Ok now it's your turn' I said as I pulled my pants back up but she insisted that girls didn't pee outside, only boys did that and if I wanted to see I would have to go and watch her on the toilet. We got up to her bathroom and she pulled her pants down, sat on the toilet, spread her legs so I could get a good view, pulled her shirt up and urinated. She had some pubic hair, it wasn't much at all yet still more than I had, which was none.

I concentrated on her piss and at one point I even put my finger on the outer part of her vagina (vulva) even after she had finished I continued doing this. This was more of a discovery and exploration thing for me rather than a sexual thing but I was getting an erection and felt that she would want to see. I said 'My penis grew do you want to see?' and she said yes and I unzipped my pants and poked my hard boner through. The scene was this; Rachael sitting on the toilet with her pants down and myself standing in front of her with an erect penis (uncut and I'm guessing four inches at the time), poking through the fly in my jeans and that was the scene her mom saw when the door flew open.

I will never forget that because it happened so quickly the door flew open and it was like I was frozen.

Rachael started crying and pulled up her pants and her mom followed her out of the bathroom and I could hear her getting spanked and yelled at. Needless to say my erection was gone and Rachael's mom came in and told me to get in the family room and don't come out. The family room was the perfect room in her house that nobody used. I sat on the plastic covered couch waiting to be 'killed'. I could hear everything going on in the house from Rachael being yelled at to her mom telling the guests that she had a situation on her hands and that they should probably leave and come back tommorow. Then I heard her angry footsteps coming towards me, her feet were getting louder and faster and so was my heartbeat. Rachael's mother looked at me and said that she would be talking with my mom and that her husband would be talking with me.

I didn't know much about Rachael's dad at all just that he was big and didn't say much. I honestly thought that he would spank me. An hour or so goes by and I hear Rachael's father coming in the house. 'Rachael did what!? With who!?' This large man (Rachael's dad) came into the room and motioned for me to come with him to another room, he shut the door behind me and stared me down, I tried not to look at him. Then he started laughing and asked me if his wife had scared me. He said he did the same type of shit when he was eleven and that he knew I was normal. I told him the entire story of how I wanted to see a girl pee and he laughed again and said 'Let's make a deal, I will get you out of trouble this time but next time I let my wife deal with you.' He then told me to follow along and we faked a scene of him grabbing my arm and yelling at me while I cried and promised never to do that type of thing again. Rachael's mother agreed that she wouldn't say anything to my mom but whenever I was at her house I had to stay in the room with her and couldn't be alone with Rachael. I agreed and my mom, believe it or not, my mom even to this day doesn't know what happened.

As time went on there were times when I would be alone with Rachael but she never wanted to do anything like what we did the day we got caught. When I started puberty probably a year or so later I fantasized a lot about what could have happened that day if we weren't caught and for years that was my primary masturbation fantasy. I really couldn't help when seeing her to think 'Wow I touched her private area and watched her pee'.



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