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Learning How

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I have been confined to a wheelchair since I was in an accident at age 19. Before the accident I had begun to masturbate and regularly had orgasms. After the accident it was very difficult for me to bring myself to a climax and after several years, I pretty much gave up. I would become aroused from time to time, especially if I was with a boy or at a party, but it was rare for me to be able to take care of myself. I had a few short term boyfriends who would kiss me and even go further. One of them even played with my breasts, and tried to manipulate me to orgasm, but he could never do it even though together we made sure that he finished. I have never had penetration sex and probably will not because of my fear of pregnancy.

Last year I hurt myself getting into bed from the chair and went to see a physical therapist. My PT was a rather masculine looking woman of about 45 who decided that I needed some massage work on my back. On my third visit to her I was the last patient of the day and she told me that she didn't want to be rushed. She gently arranged me on my tummy on a table and took by sweater off, then pulled my skirt far enough down so that my entire back, all the way to my bottom was exposed. Then she slowly and gently began to manipulate my shoulders and work her way down toward the small of my back.

Her touch was so arousing that by the time she had reached my back I was breathing heavily and contracting myself into the table. She continued rubbing and touching, following the contours of my bottom and letting her fingers dip between the cheeks of my butt as I struggled to hide my sexual arousal. By the time she had gotten down to the bottom of my cheeks, however, I had given up any efforts to try to hide my arousal. I was breathing heavily, moaning and grinding my hips into the table.

My embarrassment was overwhelmed by the most erotic experience of my life and as I continued to moan and press my hips into the table her fingers found their way between my legs and into the area between my anus and my vagina. By then it was obvious that what she was doing was not an accident and any inhibitions that I had been clinging to were lost. She gently spread my legs apart, found the tiny button which was the source of my passion and expertly squeezed it between her thumb and fingers until I literally exploded.

When I had calmed down I tried to apologize but she dismissed my words saying that if anything the fault was hers. That she shouldn't have done such a thing in her professional role as a PT. Then she asked about my sex life and I told her the sad story of my inability to climax by myself, largely because of my physical limitations. She excused herself for a minute, and returned with a Hitachi magic wand. Then she told me that the device would solve most of my problems.

She plugged it in, rolled me over on my back and began to show me how I might use it on myself. With the magic wand humming she took my hands in hers and helped me to position it against myself and then increase its speed. Amazingly if felt so good that I became aware of the fact that I was going to cum for a second time in a row, something that had never ever happened to me even when I was younger.

She could feel my new arousal and when I began to moan and breathe heavily again she continued to hold the device with me as it did its work. In a matter of minutes I was contracting into another powerful climax and as it ended I pushed the humming device away from myself telling her that I had climaxed again. With a short motion of our hands she redirected the machine to herself and lifted one leg up and onto the table where I was lying on my back. Holding my hand with hers she leaned into the Hibachi and closed her eyes. Her climax took longer than mine but it seemed just as powerful. She was quiet at first, then began making throaty, squeaking noises and grinding her hips into the side of the table. Then with a burst of noises she obviously came, pressing our hands into herself as she finished. When she was done she kissed me, the first time that I had ever kissed a woman in such a passionate way.

When she helped me to dress and leave her office she told me that our visit was not a professional appointment and refused to charge me. She asked to be my friend instead, and I readily agreed. We now see each other on a regular basis, and while my family thinks that I am going for physical therapy, I know otherwise. By the way she gave me the Hibachi as a gift and prescribed its use twice a week.



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