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Learning How

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For as long as I can remember, I liked to rub myself. I would get hard a lot and it felt good to play with it. I didn't know why, it just felt good.

When I was in bed, I liked to lay on my stomach and rub myself on the bed. It made me go to sleep.

I had lot's of friends on my block. When I was like eight or nine, a boy that was maybe twelve that I had known for three or four years took me into the back of his yard that was kind of fenced off and narrow. I remember it was covered like a small shed. Anyway, he wanted to play with me and I thought it was OK. I took down my pants and he started to rub me up and down. It felt really good. He took out his dick and started rubbing it. This went on for a long time, then he leaned back and kept stroking it. Then, he sort of got real intense and came. I didn't know at that time what it meant, but it was sweet to watch. He left after that.

I went home and was still really hard. I wanted to see what had happened to him. So, I went into the bathroom and pulled down my pants. He had stroked with two hands, thumb and pointer finger on each hand so I did that. It felt like it always had, but I kept going. After a while, it felt different and I couldn't hardly stand up any more. I sat down on the edge of the tub and kept doing it. Suddenly, my dick felt different, like it was really sensitive. I had my fingers on my dick really tight and kept moving up and down. All of a sudden, my whole body starting with my dick felt extreme. I lost my breath but kept rubbing myself. That was my first orgasm. It was awesome.

A few days later, I was spending the night at a friend's house. We were watching TV. It was some Showtime thing with naked girls. Anyway, I was hard and asked my friend if he had ever jacked off. He didn't know what I meant. I was too horny to care, so I pulled down my shorts and started stroking. He was really weirded out but then wanted to know why I was doing that. I told him it was really nice. So, he started doing it like me, both hands with thumb and pointer finger. He got crazy with it and started laughing and going nuts. Later, he got really quiet, kept stroking and went nuts, screaming and laughing. He came big time.

Since that day, I have had to do it maybe two or three times a day. I do it every morning and every night. I jack off when I get home from school if I can. I've done it with some other friends. We like to talk about girls when we do it. I admit that I've played with some of my friends too, but I don't think I'm gay. We just like to play with each other. I've even taught another kid whose ten years old how to do it. I don't think I can ever stop. Jacking off is the best. I really love to watch other dudes do it on the internet. That's sweet.

Well, that's my story. I love everybody else's stories too. Let's keep on jackin.



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