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Learning How

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I didn't really understand masturbation until I was about 14, when my friend Bob taught me how.

It started when we were swimming in his backyard pool. Nobody else was home, and we started messing around by pulling our swimsuits down. Next thing I knew we were swimming around naked, and getting closer to each other, out of curiosity, I guess. I was getting kind of hard, and so was Bob. Well, one thing led to another, and pretty soon we were feeling each other's dicks. We were both about the same length, maybe five or six inches hard, but his was a little thicker than mine. I remember him grasping my cock, and how good it felt to have him squeeze it.

A few days later, I went to Bobs again, this time with another friend named Chris. We quickly decided to go skinny-dipping, and we were soon swimming around with boners. At one point Chris got out of the pool and walked around on the deck with his erect dick poking out, and we heard giggling. It turned out there were some girls watching us from a tree up the hill.

We put our suits on and ran inside, but immediately took them off again. Although we were kids and didn't know what the hell we were doing, there was definitely some sexual tension in the air.

Then Bob told us that he could make himself come. Chris and I had no idea what this might mean, really, but we wanted to watch. Bob got out a Playboy, laid it open on a bed and started rubbing his dick against a pillow. After a few minutes he said it wasn't working very well, and might go better if we waited outside. A few minutes later we went back in, and there was a little pool of cum on the pillow. I was fascinated.

Chris got spooked and left a few minutes later, but I stayed. I was dying to do more of this, whatever it might be. Bob and I started exploring each other more closely, but we were afraid to go further and I went home a little while later with what I now know to be blue balls.

Not long after we were all on a Boy Scout campout together. About six of us shared a tent, including Bob and I. We found a way to lay our sleeping bags with the open sides together, and spent much of the night fondling each other's cocks.

The next morning all the other guys left to explore somewhere, but Bob and I stayed behind. As soon as the other guys were gone, we threw the sleeping bags aside so we could really see and feel each other. Then I showed him how I had been practicing jacking off by hand, instead of rubbing against a pillow, and after a minute or two of stroking I shot a hot load over my stomach. Then I turned to him, and rubbed him until he started coming, and most of his cum shot across his chest and some even hit his chin. I was so aroused by that time that I licked the cum off his chin and chest, and then I jacked again and shot more cum on his stomach, and licked that off, too.

Bob and I never got together again after that, although I would have loved to do him again. I've only seen him once since that day, but if I saw him tomorrow, and I thought he'd say yes, I'd grab his cock again in a second.



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