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Learning From Sam

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It's almost thirty years since I learned the pleasures of masturbation at the gentle hands of a school friend, but the memory is as fresh and joyful as if it happened yesterday.
It was late summer, and I'd just turned 12 years old. I lived in a small town in the north of England and I spent most of my free time roaming the open countryside on my bicycle with half a dozen other boys of my age. The leader of our gang was a kid named Jeff. He wasn't the oldest, and he wasn't even the biggest kid, but we were happy to follow him. Jeff knew what was going on in the neighbourhood, and where the fun could be had.
If Jeff was the 'alpha male' of our pack, Sam was the runt of the litter. He was only six months younger than me, but he was a skinny little kid with a face full of freckles and eyes the colour of emeralds.
Jeff used to amuse himself by humiliating Sam about his size. It was ironic that Sam would be the person who first showed me the pleasures of my own body.
It began one afternoon. The whole gang had headed out to the hills behind town. We'd stopped because Jeff needed to take a pee. He and Sam were standing on top of a low wall, and they both had their dicks out in full view of everybody. Jeff looked down at Sam's penis and said 'I don't know how you can stand to be like that.'
Sam was circumcised, which made him different to most boys in England. It's not a routine procedure like it is in the States. If my observations in the school locker room were typical, no more than one kid in twenty was circumcised at my school.
So that was just another thing that Jeff could use to make fun of Sam. I felt sorry for the little kid, and so I started inviting him over to my house in the evenings. He would come over for dinner, then we would go to my room and play with my toys.
It took me a while to pluck up the courage to ask him the question that had fascinated me ever since the episode up in the hills. Finally, one night when my parents were out, I said to him: 'Sam, you're circumcised, aren't you?' He nodded. 'I've never seen a circumcised dick up close. I'm not circumcised, you see. I just wondered what it would be like. If I show you mine, will you show me yours?'
I was terrified that he'd run screaming, but he just grinned and said 'Okay.' I guess we were both just filled with the natural curiosity of twelve-year-olds.
I took out my dick first, and it was already hard as a rock. It was about four inches long, though I didn't yet have any hair.
Then Sam unzipped his pants to reveal yellow Y-fronts. I almost fainted when he said 'Go on, you take it out for me.' I'd been expecting 'look, but don't touch'!
I reached gingerly inside his pants and felt a hot, stiff little rod and tight, smooth scrotum. Gently, I eased his penis through the gap in his Y-fronts. His erection was about two and a half inches long. The glans was smooth and pink. So this is what a circumcised dick is like, I thought.
I was brought out of my reverie by Sam's hand on my own penis. He was pulling back the foreskin until we both had matching dicks. The sensation of someone else's hand on my most intimate organ was astonishing. Nothing had prepared me for this. I wasn't totally ignorant about sex - my parents had bought me a book with pictures when I was ten, but it only dealt with the mechanics, not the sensations.
Sam leaned over and sniffed. I always kept myself clean, but there was still the faint odour of pee, and he said so. I drew closer to his dick and smelt nothing but warm skin, so I ran my nose along the length of his penis and tickled his balls, which made him giggle.
He took my dick in his hand and gripped firmly. Not so tightly that it hurt, but enough to sent a tingle up my spine. I did the same for him, and we sat holding one other's erections for what seemed like an eternity. Then we heard the door downstairs as my parents returned, so we hurriedly put away our dicks and pretended to play with the train set.
After the first time, we always played doctors-and-doctors at Sam's house. His dad was a truck driver and his mother worked as a nurse, so Sam was often alone in the house. We were frightened of getting caught with our hands in each other's pants, so it made sense to continue our explorations at Sam's house, whenever the chance presented itself.
It was the third time when Sam finally decided to raise the stakes. I guess he realised that I didn't know how to masturbate, so he was going to show me. He took off his pants and Y-fronts, indicating that I should do the same. Needless to say, we both had rock-hard erections. He stood facing me, then he reached down and began to pull back my foreskin. I was a little surprised when he immediately pulled it forward again to cover my glans, and by the time he had pulled it back and forth two or three times, I asked him what he was doing. 'Wait,' he said, 'you'll see.'
He continued with slow and gentle strokes, pulling my foreskin back and then forwards again in a regular rhythm. I began to be aware of a tingling sensation which started in the tip of my penis and then spread to my balls. I must have gasped at some point, because Sam suddenly broke into a huge grin and said 'Feel it now?'
I was grateful to my friend for showing me something wonderful, so I said 'Let me do it to you now.' He winked and said 'Hold on. It'll feel even better in a moment.' He was right. My penis was now full of the most amazing feeling, a pleasure that I'd never imagined. I thought this was what Sam had meant, but then suddenly I was wrenched by three or four waves of ecstasy so intense that it was as if Sam had hit me.
I'd just had my first orgasm, and it was all thanks to Sam.
He let me recover for a few minutes and then said 'Pretty good, huh?' and grinned. I saw that he still had his erection, so I pointed and said 'How about you? How do you do that?'
He went to the bathroom and returned with a bottle of baby oil. He opened the bottle and poured a little into my hand, then took some more oil and rubbed it round his dick. 'Hold your hand like this,' he said, making a loose fist. I did so, and he grabbed my hand and manoeuvred it down to crotch level so he could slide his dick inside. 'A bit tighter,' he said, then 'Okay, now move backwards and forwards. Slowly, because it feels better that way.'
Slick with oil, I gently rubbed his stiff little penis. Now and then, he put his hand on mine to indicate that I should pause, then let me continue. After about ten minutes, his expression changed. His emerald eyes brightened and he began to breathe harder and harder. He let out a small cry, and a moment later, I felt his penis become stiffen four times in rapid succession. He threw his arms around me and we stood like that for some minutes, Sam hugging me tightly with his head buried in my chest and my hand still firmly around his dick. His hair smelled like apple blossom.



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